"Pussy Crook" as written by Craig Lawson, Michael Tyler and Dominick Thomas....
Callin all cars, callin all cars
Be on the look out for a pussy vandalism. Over
A pussy bandit
Suspect is known in many states for dickin yo woman. Over
He is dangerous, be on the look out

I knock the muthafuckin pussy off the hook
Huh, I take the face off the rapper fuckin with the punch master
The tight line sharp shooter, the handsome assassin
Cuss word expert
You don't know nothing bout this
Come on mamma and get cha something braid it up pimpin
I make a shy cryin bitch start swimming
Take it off Put cha legs up, see if I can touch the kitty
Fuck it fuck it suck it 200 dollars, bitch that ain't nothing (hurry up and buy)
Show me what cha working wit
But if ya pussy smellin shrimpy Ho, get yo fuckin shirt and shit
Somebody better stop her, she runnin round this bitch ha pussy smellin like Red Lobster
That's the type of Bitch ya don't touch
Some hoes you can look at but the rest don't Fuck!

Dick don't fail me now (huh huh)
I knock the coochie lining out (thas right)
If I hit it one time ya hooked (and thas it)
They call me the pussy crook (give it up)

Dick don't fail me now (huh huh)
I knock the coochie lining out (thas right)
If I hit it one time ya hooked (and thas it)
They call me the pussy crook (break ya self)

[Verse 2]
Somebody tell me the woman complaining talking bout I'm too sexual
But leave me alone with her, betcha I could sex the hoe
Fuck you like I ate my vegetables
Knock it down for an hour and a half and still got dick left the door
Fuck you on the floor and still shake the chandelier
I got it caught again somewhere
Stop that fuckin runnin and bring that ass over here
Bitch touch yo toes
Touch that wall
work that pole
What you doin after 2 AM? In the Horetel
Gotta give ya whatcha came for
Waste hittin wash it off then face hittin manojetwas I stay getting
If you can't work it then don't flirt
If you got them little bitty titties don't raise yo shirt
I sort em out and some ain't stayin
Take them fuckin thongs off Don't here wit no plan
I cut cha up when I'm climmin on ya
Throw it at cha like I'm a phenomenon


[Verse 3]
What the fuck you mean yo period done you can't gimme no lovin?
Shit, it's time for Funky fire boo hole pluggin
She said "I never done that stuff"
I said " Well let me talk you through it, get the KY jelly"
Put a hump in yo back baby quit movin yo leg get loose and relax lady
She was actin all timid
But the next thing you know she was humpin back wit me
I was all the way up in that ass
I was hard like a horse she still wanted to do it fast
2 hours and no part still talking bout "DON'T STOP OHHH LORD"

[Hook: x 2]

Callin all cars, callin all cars, suspect last seen
headed east on I10 toward New Orleans. Over
Be advised he is armed with dick, and striking good looks. Over
The suspect is in a big truck excursion or escalade or something
shit he is in a big truck. Be on the look out leave all pussy inside

Gimmie this motherfuckin money. why'all motherfuckers ain't go never catch me
The only thing why'all gone catch is this DICK!! You motherfucker
This a motherfuckin nother KLC SMASH!! You motherfucker
Mystikal medicine Man Big truck nigga. Over.

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"Pussy Crook" as written by Dominick Thomas Craig Lawson

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