"Emergency" as written by Matt Bronleewe, Andrew Fromm and Joy Williams....

Save the Atlanta sound?
Oh we don't represent Atlanta?
We ain't put the A-Town on the map?
Okay... Here we come!

'In the even of an emergency
you'd have 5 seconds to get to the Dungeon'

Aww yeah we crunk, we crunk, we crunk...

[Big Gipp]
Gipp economy is strange in the meaning, lookin street
Even (?) for no team, I swing dissipainted lines
Stroke after them, apple martinis
I live kosher, I'm the most-a like the art
Took my moves from Billy Whiteshoes
Fight back like Geronimo, crack comma Ustafa
who said, 'Like the sky, like a hot fire'
Dorcey put a hit up on that man, control red
Some watchin liberation, abberation house down ya throat
Tapdance on ya kidneys, come around that ass like measles
The first and the second shots ain't nuttin but teasers
Set your body afire like Watson
Travel through yo' team like hydrotoxins
Premium dutch, blood shift you closer to the edge
Project push, A-T-L - you get yo' water out the faucet,
we get our water out the well
We win the war with Miami boys over these streets to eat
Channel 5 got the story of the day
Old church burnin, Emma got hung
and the student caught with a gun, Wayne Williams interviews
Remote controlled cars for teachers
in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5
Whattcha gon' do, who ya gon' call?
The (?) gun show? Now nigga come on!

Awww yeah! We crunk now (We crunk, we crunk, we crunk)
Awww yeah! We crunk now (We crunk, we crunk, we crunk)
Awww yeah! We crunk now (We crunk, we crunk, we crunk)
We crunk now, we crunk now! (We crunk, we crunk, we crunk)

Capone got that Southside pimp creep, College Park out the door
Die-hard, booze chillin, nan nigga wanna start
Niggaz round the A-Town, salty cuz they gameplan

Breakin they neck tryna run, but Dungeon niggaz done been ran
Y'all was out for grannin and pussy pursuin
We slum deeper studio-type, breakin great entrepreneurs
Alert, it's a all out emergency homes
Hit up, slick Ricky Wade on my cellular phone
Man my group done broke up, just starters claimin we rock
It's my destiny to make it, I'm a fuckin survivor
This might be one again, oh hailin in the blaze that we brought
(?) then waited (?) but my stomach was growlin
Dungeon Family

[Hook] - 2X

Yes y'all, all the time, it's goin down
Whattchu say shawty? Look here you betta believe it
Oooooh, call the po-lice *sirens*
I will verbally murder one of these sucka emcees
I talk that - know they act if they ain't understandin me
How they gon' handle me, this Dungeon Family
I spit this shit randomly (Brrroaw!)
From point-blank range, blow out they brains
leave all thoughts dang-a-ling - shhhhhh, nobody say nothin
Facin charges on account of the attempt and assault with a weapon
Know what it is, you done seen this here befo'
Come through ya front do' and letcha know fa sho'
You hear them automatics spittin
Leave ya whole coalition in critical condition
When we speak, we recieve ovations from nations
Why that 2nd Generation strapped in attack formation
Shook up the world but it wattn't pretty
I conversate strictly for the nitty-gritty
We crunk now!

[Hook] - 4X

'I repeat - this is not a test... this is not a test...'
this is not a test...'
'In the event of an actual emergency, you'd have 5 seconds...'
'I repeat - in the even of an actual emergency
you'd have 5 seconds'

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"Emergency" as written by Enid Williams Denise Dufort

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