"Bounce Like Me" as written by Paul Wright, Peter Evans, Gene Griffin and Davika Owens....
Can ya' bounce like me? (bounce like me)
Smoke my trees? (smoke my trees)
Throw them bows like me? (bows like me)
Want to get down like me? (down like me) (x2)

Now look hes big nuts, no talk, no games
Why y'all lame, insane "Sand of Atlanta" is uh running things
It's a kick in the game, remember cold top brother?
Billy bad bad one bad motherfucker
If the beats is quick, and if ya' thick ya' thick
Den turn around and what shake ya' wits
I'm gonna lick the hits, and any nigga that you with
Ran yo' whole click, them bullets they don't miss
You out the do' quick, and time to throw shhh
Plus they getting hit, our bullets they don't miss
Put the pistol in ya' pick to spit, our dogs bust slugs
The competition what, give it on up
It's da M-I-are-a-see now put the l wit' da e
Can't none of why y'all people wha bounce like me


Cause' why y'all really niggas cause can't get with this
A broad and some and some messed up shhhh
Start rag toppin' and get jiggy with it
Throw yo' rod out shorty like you catching a fish
Bank head bounce I'ma turn around with it
And drop it down low watch me do a split to dis
Run me in with cha' rod I gotta finish the beat
And break it down to my knees got cha' straight in the seat
Uh oh why y'all jokers den' messed up now
I'm in the zone and ain't no tellin' when I'm goin' come out
I'm bumping hard so hard til' it's makin' me hot
I guess the shorty shake em' off, but he ain't got what I got
I know he didn't just come and try to challenge me
I got a lot of tricks OOO just wait and see
I'ma bounce so hard that's the
And drop these bows on that joker jepper pickin' wit' me


I'm a king of the king, bling of the bling
9 millimeter, glock, or infer red beam
I'm doing the team "Down South Bounce Team"
Riding with the motherfucking down south queen
The return of the scene, straight dirty not clean
Fucking with the then ya' messing with me
And you thought it would be hot, like nigga J.D.,
A.B., M.J. what, Jigga Jay-Z
Hell no this me Miracle buck wild
From the south with the bounce and I ain't Bow Wow

Oh, no why y'all really want to throw these tight elbows
You better hit the floor when I drop it down low
I'ma bounce so hard, make ya' hop on the floor
Having some fun, can ya rag top to this?
Bank head with it and do a split thats it
Move back for a sec and let me handle my biz
Lil' shorty want to see if I can bounce with him
Hold up, wait a minute you can't handle me 'cause'
I make the hardest joker bounce when I handle da bud

Bounce, get with me will you [Repeat: x10]

Bounce, get wit' me nigga [Repeat: x6]

Bounce feel better den' you smoking the bud

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"Bounce Like Me" as written by Gene Griffin Davika Owens


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