"Eastside Ridaz" as written by and Calvin/davis Broadus....
[Bigg Snoop Dogg]
You'z a fool fo' dis, yeah
My dogg Hi-Tek, representin' Cincinnati, Ohio!
Eastside shit, why'all know how we get down
Seven dizzles a wizzle, Bigg Bow Wiggle's, up in the hizzle
Fo' shizzle bizzle, here we go again

Freshly dressed, I jump up in the mo'nin' tryna find some Zest
Psyche, we like the Bom, somebody betta ring the alarm
And hit the folks at the forum
Let my homies off the yard
I shall see the head nigga in charge
Push, Bush outta office, dump 'til they get off us
Make them offers, that leave niggas in coffins

[Goldie Loc]
Can you feel it my nigga, I'm 'bout to kill it my niggas
Sound like guerillas, fo' real'a off gangsta government millas
Coke killas, when it comes to off mic'n wit me
I was branded in a gang, fuck havin' techniques
Just ride, not a damn lettin' these fools breathe
Pop peas, push keys, find a stash fo' yo cheese
Is it possible that laws might get jealous
Hell yeah they be hatin' on the 3 Good Fellas

[Tray Deee]
Over-dosage of ferocious, West Coast in effect
Bang straight gangsta shit, so you know it's on deck
Hold and respect, cold as it get, don't want to test
Kidnap ya wife and ya kids, you get the message
Insanity, commanded me to savagely spit
Suffer casualties, challenge me, I handle it quick
No talkin', see-Walkin', we chokin' the block off
Lettin' the glock off
And throwin' up DoggHouse

[Hook: Nate Dogg]
WestCoast niggas and we all in yo house
Gang bang niggas we gon' turn this bitch out
Eastside ridaz and we all in yo mouth
Dogg Pound Gang we let the mothafuckin' doggs out
Nate Dogg, Goldie, Snoopy, Tray Deee
Never loved a ho and run the "G-A" in me
Always got a bitch, but never in the front seat
Still the same let the mothafuckin' doggs out

[Goldie Loc]
Yeah! it's about to get Crip'd out crazy
Blast on all you suckas with the throw away to daily
Don't you shoot that little mothafucka no mo'
That ain't what he said when he hit the chest went through his heart, came out his elbow
You shouldn't have been talkin' that shit bitch boy
Sayin' the wrong thing against the real McCoy
Didn't know I was a cold-blooded gangsta
If you ain't ridin' wit us fool, we'll catch ya lata

[Tray Deee]
We exploded, reloaded and sewed it up
Sprayed shots to the crowed, like a loaded pump
Keep this mothafucka jumpin' 'til they close it up
Then we dippin' wit a sip and some hoes to fuck
Pour late, the hard way, ain't no bustas here
So explicit you can only get it once a year
Eastsidaz, the ridaz, they change the game
And let you know from here go, we straight came to bang

[Bigg Snoop Dogg]
Put me on a leash if you dare and I doubt you
Ever see someone here, who gave a fuck about you?
Niggas on the streets gon' keep talkin' shit about you
As long as you clap fool, it's bigger than 'bout too
Fuck wit fools, that ain't never paid us
And try to turn the homies into traitaz
Blue rags with blue balls, fo' all you hataz
I shoot a shout out to the killas
Yeah them stealas and Raiders

It's them D-O double G'z
Ain't nobody really fuckin' wit deez

[Bigg Snoop Dogg]
Who let the mothafuckin' doggs out?

DoggHouse in ya mouth
We them niggas people talkin' about

[Bigg Snoop Dogg]
Who let the mothafuckin' doggs out?

Niggas betta run and hide, we about to ride

[Bigg Snoop Dogg]
Who let the mothafuckin' doggs out?

[Soopafly (Bigg Snoop Dogg)]
Who let the mothafuckin' doggs out? (Woof, woof)

[Bigg Snoop Dogg]
Who let them Eastside ridaz out?

[Goldie Loc]
Now all the locs and doggs, who roll in big balls, say chips! (Chips!)
And all the women wit extensions in well fed conditions, you bitch! (You Bitch!)

[Bigg Snoop Dogg]
Hey! who let the mothafuckin' gate open?
Police comin' and we still smokin'
What you drinkin' on Loc'why, Loc'why?
Doggy wo'gy, got his fo'gy while we tokin' on the wo'gy, doggy

[Goldie Loc]
Say woof mothafucka!, woof mothafucka!
Mighty mowed his ass, take his block fo' the hustlas
Post up, make about a million a month
Hittin' Bloods!, switchin' guns!

[Hook: Nate Dogg]

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"Eastside Ridaz" as written by Priest J N Brooks Calvin N Broadus


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