"Untouchables" as written by Kim Elsberg Moller, Earl T. Beal, Phillip Dencker, D. Dixon, H. Guy, R. Jones, Jens Lomholt and T. Rodriguez....
Toya's lil Dictionary:
Untouchable-A woman that has everything going on.
Finna- Midwest slang.
Money Knows-A guy that's frontin'
Spit-Rappin and singing.
Timbo's-Timberland boots.
E.I.-It's all good.

[Verse 1]
G-shock goes off in the early morn'
See I wake up fly, no make-up on.
Check my 2way pager just to stay up on.
Lord have mercy goes my cellular phone.
Who dis??
It's Penelope tell me what the deal.
Number 32 he at you say he tryna keep it real.
Yeah I saw him at the club, he was tryna front.
Money knows I got a man, what the hell he want?
He got a Benz.
We got that too.
They say he got ends.
Don''t he know how we do?
Fo' sho' yo don't they know we got our own dough.
We untouchable and them other chicks is so so.

[Hook 1]
Our flow-Untouchable.
Our dough-Untouchable.
What we know-Untouchable.
Everywhere we go-Untouchable.
Our whips-Untouchable.
The way we spit-Untouchable.
Don't it make you sick, you can't resist.
'cause that's what's it-Untouchable.

[Verse 2]
You gotta roll wit it.
'cause we about to take control in it.
It ain't our fault, you probably end up getting froze in it.
You tryna get on we rockin' fits from Milan.
We pushing private jets but what flight you finna get on.
Struttin' through the club, heads turning twice.
Peeped y'all hatin', but that's alright.
Now ya all up on us like white on rice.
Tryna put us on lock take a vow for live.
What about his keys-You should give those back.
What about the ice-Naw, you should keep that.
He's so fly, he's so fine.
So many guys so little time.
A'ight T Mo gotta pass the test.
Independent, intellect surpass the rest.
He gotta comp Timbos, Rock cornrolls.
Make me feel like EI.
Keep me up like no-doze.

[Hook 2]
Our crew-Untouchable.
The Lou-Untouchable.
Our girl Drew-Untouchable.
Everywhere we go-Untouchable.
Our mates-Untouchable.
What we create-Untouchable.
Y'all late-Untouchable.
Please try not to hate, it'd be a waste.
For Heaven's sake-Untouchable.

Grasp reality, gain control.
Stop hatin' on us and how we roll.
If you really want to know.
Be true to yourself, be untouchable.
Our presence burns holes like fire.
An untouchable's only desire.
Is respect don't neglect.
How we feel, keep it real.
If you do then we'll take you higher.

[Hook 2]

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"Untouchables" as written by Harold Guy Drew A. Dixon

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