"This Life" as written by and Elliott Davis....
I started out with
No dough, no clothes, no shows, and no hoes
And ended up with
Mo hoes, mo shows, mo clothes, and mo dough

I used to be the ideal nigga
Preppy like Hilfiger
Pretty vill nigga
But wanted to make my dollar bill bigger
Turned into a field nigga
Not pickin' cotton
But pickin' up mics and rockin'
Recoppin' so I can feel richer
So I started drinkin' real liquor
Send me a groupie
And I will stick her real quick
The dilsnick it will hit her ex pills
I can feel nigga best deals
You can get the steal
If you ill I'm concealed with a
Technina millameter by my side
God used to guide me Lucifer beside me
Evil was lively trippin' with wifey
Never was treatin' her nicely
What this music got me into
This is the message Imma send to
God the evil shit I've been through
Lettin' me really know what sin do
Listen 'cause the hurt cut me deep like a ginsu

[Chorus: x2]
This life
Caught up in the fame
In the end will I forever
Burn in the flame
This life
I live in the rain
I'm an angel but the devil's
Possessing my brain

This life
Full of money bitches weed and riches
Kansas City niggas grind it
Cook it up in the kitchen
Pay attention to the corner nigga
Roguish and rugged
Nigga fuck it it's a must
I conceal it and tuck it
This life
Can make a nigga murder for nothin'
This life
For the money have you fakin' and frontin'
This life
Can make a nigga take a deal with the devil
This life
Got me rippin' up shit in my kennel
Ya see I live in the rain
Laugh at the storm
And mastered the pawn
Bringin' war at the crack of the dawn
Tottin' the bomb
A nigga with a third eye vision
Like a malachi blowin' smoke in the sky
See the world through the eyes of a real nigga
Look into my eyes
You can tell I'm a rider
More shows more clothes
More hoes more dough
And no foes yo

[Chorus: x2]

Some times I wonder
How did I survive
With all this drama in front of me
Poppa went out like a bitch
For runnin' from me
Though momma never lied
She cried
Seen me sittin' in prison
Servin' a sentence
With bad intentions
Still no repentance
I'm heart broken while chokin'
On a joint dipped in water
And high hopin' the future's wide open
For my daughter my eyes are open
To all animosity constantly
Falling quickly the devil calls it
A blessing to cross Nitty
Lessons are taught quickly
Hell my pride will die with me
Then to repeat back
To the penitentiary visit me
Hell bound coffin dwellin'
Before a life in the cell yelllin'
Now free me
I'm in desperate need immediately
Truthfully speakin'
My life from night to day
24 hours I fight
Despite this hell to pay
Can't wait to see the day
When my adventures begin
With this here life of sin
I'm all in

[Chorus: x2]

Is it heaven or hell
I really can't tell
It half cupid half relic
My life is anghellic
So I dance with the devils
And I fly with the angel
And I stand on a level
Where mind is so tangled

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"This Life" as written by Russell Davis Patrick Davis

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