"Nasty Girl" as written by and Anthony L. Ray....
This goes to all them folks
Who like them nasty girls
Now I ain't talkin' about these
"Make love to me"
"Take care of me" lil' thangs
I'm talkin' about buck sessions
Late night creepin's
Straight nasty girls

[Chorus: x 2]
A nasty girl is what I need and what I want
A nasty girl is super bad, I'd love the flaunt
Nasty girls creep in the back seat
Nasty girls stay nasty everyday of the week

They say the freaks come out at night time
Written rhymes, lookin' fine
Make some pimp lines wit dollar signs
Brown hair, deriair thick
Took her to my lair
And I swear that I hit this
She said somethin' about a man but that's irrelavent
Had her suckin' on my trunk like I was an elephant
Low tail, [?], 60, feelin' tipsy
Breakin' out the hatters on the ladder
Better miss me
Sicky Sideways only came for one thang
Gettin' bomb headshots in the leftlane
I'm 'bout to cave in
Playa like gold and I'm engravin'
Makin' my toes pop high, freaky relations

[Martie Bacardii 151]
Martie I'm Bacardii is back again
Wit these raps that you haters just don't understand
I spot you at the party
"Do you have a man" [Girl: "No"]
She replied "No"
Another fuck friend
I lace her up with game
She asked from where I came
I tell her Yoc Town friends "Germany and Spain"
She started goin' low
You know how the story goes
I had it all sold
Picture perfect frame
I ain't ashamed
'cause this girl is jockin' for my name
I turned around and asked you girls
What this street bacame
[Girl: Oh my God]

[Chorus: x 2]
Chalk up another statty, rollin' fatties
Call me Sugar Daddy, 2003 Caddy
As I skywalk
Left for drag on the sidewalk
Low pro, low key
Your hoes and me
Those hoes in heat
Slow platinum game through her earlobes
Moanin' so loud
I had her face in the pillow
Diary of a pimp
I got a glimps of my movato
Seen her lookin' tasty in Chevy Sirverado
So I paused
"Excuse me miss, what's your name
[Girl: "Candy"]
I couldn't quite catch it
But heard somethin' 'bout a candy cane

[Martie Bacardii 151]
Scene two, me and you up at the rendezvous
I had the glass of Henn
This girl had the attitude
I thought to shoot and score
But then decided to ignore
She sat down next to me
I'm gonna get her [?]
[Girl: "My name is Candy"]
She said: [Girl: "This bar is such a bore"]
I fed her Brandy
Next scene I'm in a Super Sport
Where we're goin' but I'm knowin'
Back to her fort
And for a long time
I wasn't comin' up short
Difference to what a girl will give up, Chassy
But for true happiness
Finally that's nasty

[Chorus: x 2]

Me and my folks like nasty freaks
And we peepin'
Call the Mexican, Perto Rican
Somethin' 'bout caucasians
Lovin' on them Asians
All the freaky deekies keep my bed squeaky
From U.S.S.R. freaks to the Middle East
To Eastern Greek, Italy, and France [?] capish
Love them mixed girls
The big hips girls
The big girls wit twigs girls
That make their limbs twirl
Them ghetto mamies
To not to name Ivana
The late night love session freakies [?]
I love them freaky deeky girls no doubt

[Chorus: x 6]

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"Nasty Girl" as written by Anthony Dent Maurizio Bassi

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