"Amazing Feats" as written by and Erik Meltzer Milo Berger....
One of us equals many of us
Disrespect one of us, you'll see plenty of us

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
C'mon, c'mon, ah (yeah!)

You want Cage in the flesh, paper wants ink to bless
You see me in the streets be glad I spit this stress
Punch through your chest and rip your spine out
Now that Cage got your back you can spit that rhyme out

I'm stompin' on these chat room fakes
Whose hip-hop coincides with them cheesy remakes
You little kids playin' the critics hard
Go back to your other hobby, Pokemon cards

Local emcees won't start it, done
On the mic I make more faces than the retarded son
Minstrel, doin' a hump, takin' a dump
The life of Cage, take drugs, pass out, wake up in the cunt

I got this e-mail from your female
She's meetin' me, suckin' me off of three tails
Don't discuss the details, "Hee hee I won't!"
Leave a dollar on the nightstand and watch E bail

Once again, this is it
Smut Peddlers
Tearin' up the industry
Sendin' kids back to the lab for more practice
Once again, this is it
Smut Peddlers
Tearin' up the industry
Amazing feats happen when we come out to play

I'm livin' in a monotone paisley
Look into my eyes and all you see is hazy
Somethin' out of dark ages paintings, smiles can't hide
Think I'll sit back and watch life go by

In about, four sex acts a cheerleader will begin to bleed
Then we'll bring you up to speed on the orange deed
My seeds procreate I ejaculate grown infants
Then blow shotties in they face to finish the sentence

The fact is, you suck like 'Ishtar' does
Dick Starbuck and Cage spark dust up
Yeah I stuck around like your Plymouth's car rust
Fuck your startin' five, the startin' three are us

Stick my dick in almost any hole
If I got plastic on and my Toxic Avenger mask is on
Celebrate like my pops when his bastard was born
Stretch the pussy like some starlet tryin' to last in porn


This is the meaty part of the discussion
Slice the underbelly of my hunger jelly, splash the scene
Crashed the Beam in half then laughed, I ain't shook shaft
Put another hole in your head to stash my fist
And slash your wrists, with a "Porn Again" CD
Cracked the jar then the cigar then it goes to E

I'm in a trance with the evilest glance
My moral obligation is the feeblest stance
Anti-semiotic dip shits, wearin' Polo
Y'all ever heard of Ralph Lipschitz?
Oh no, check my aura, in 3-D photos
Whether at regular speed or super slow-mo


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"Amazing Feats" as written by Erik Meltzer Christian Palko


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