"Don't Want Beef" as written by Victor Santiago, Kiam Holley and Scott Storch....
why'all niggas don't want it kid
why'all niggas don't want it man

It's like this
Do it like this nigga
Niggas don't want it

Tellin why'all

Yo on the west coast, Cali green, eyes all red
Got out the truck, *All Eyez On Me*
Peep the story, perpendicular coat
Nigga short you on some money, make a move and you broke
As long as that, motherfucker don't do it twice
He love his wife, nigga better love his life
He don't know we tied niggas up
Leave 'em in hotels with they fingers cut
Send the toast to they, Mexican, POW! POW! tear your vest up
I bomb at your baby moms, I got an army of arms
The gun's always sweatin my palms
Lovin the poors, lovin them hoes with no draws
I'm the last don and the first
Went from the best to the worst
So now I'm back to the best, back to the stores
Back to them bricks and four-fours
Back to, gettin mines and I'm takin yours, it goes

why'all niggas don't want beef
'cause if they did, I'd have the guns to they kids
And I ain't even like that
I have the infrared, right up on your nightcap
Niggas don't beef
'cause if they did, I'd have the guns to they kids
And I ain't even like that
I have the infrared, right up on your nightcap
You want beef wit us? It's a big difference, you want what?

Yo, fuck an empty pocket, I went from loafer penny rockin
To plenty coke poppin, takin my workers shoppin
Had enough of these foreigners, playin wit my coke
Told papi, yo this tan shit is gettin me broke
Fuck twenty a gram, gettin garbage
I paid thirty for the product, plus I heard Fernando got it
Dope cheap around 151st street, push the anniversary Range
With the first seats we met through Chico a while back
When I copped petty coke, from his main E-O
In the building six three oh
He knew I wasn't playin, I came clappin
9-6 put my deal on the line, nigga fuck rappin, check what happened
I told him put papi on the horn
Words was spoke from there, duke said it was on
We met in the rain, fuck it no need to explain
Think back to War Report, just to freshen your brain

Niggas want beef, we can bring it to the street
We can get the heat and...
Niggas want beef, we can take it to the street and
We can get it on like...
Niggas want beef, we can take it to the street
Grab the heat like...
Niggas don't want to beef like, nigga want to beef like
see-N-N, what

Yo, yo, ultimate power, yo it's like the customs Haiti
I got a transporter, see an old crippled lady
And my moms used to say you better use what you got
So I'ma roll dice, loop, I could lose it or not
A freeborn hate a thug, yo and I ain't a player
Yeah we thugged out, niggas that'll slap the mayor
Chime on haters, niggas see me shine my gators
Cock the gauges, down we be rippin the stages, what nigga

Niggas want to place a stake in my chest, lay me to rest
The projects display me the best, crazy begets
I get 'em my babies, willie my eighties
Shit with a Ac white Mercedes, buggin here like my rims eighty
Bulletproof glass and frame, I smash the game
Like AlPo, eighty five bottles of caine
If it's beef, we could get it on like that
I got my army, what the fuck you say, you be right back?


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"Don't Want Beef" as written by Kiam Holley Victor Santiago

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