"I Want da Mic" as written by and Daniel Nakamura Keith Thornton....
(My style is the best)
[Kool Keith]
The club is open catch this
I wreck it swing it, get slinged
Get styles is smooth, styles is sweet
Styles are dope, styles that meet
Any rapper clappin' you'd talkin'
You'd be yappin' my flow is on the go-go
This record's for real spin that wax in that winobill
Check the back of the Houston tax package dats
Sucka's want to step up you rap your girl's ???
I'm in here with wack MC's in the atmosphere
Greasing my status Wolly Smith want to change gears
One-to one-to three-four man slappin' five
People in the back fidge your face, while I rip it live
I want some 2000 gamma wild motivation
Sex on earth, it's time I left the space station
Don't think I'm not in the court
I'll tap that butt boy, rapper's in my ?
You get's the bozak Peter from the Shootin' ?

I want da mic, yo drop the style
Let him rip it
I want da mic, yo drop it here
Let him flip it
I want da mic, yo drop the style
Let him rip it
I want da mic, yo drop it here
Let him flip

[Kool Keith]
I take a second wild crime, don't smile
You still jealous, watch my flow in Puerto Rico
Like ?
People know that Hoolio brother style is local
Rappers souped up then gassed pop like ?
What's up now? BeeBeeBeep's seen you talkin' walkin'
Switchin' bitchin' the brother's sweating on the mic
Girls on my dick and women shoot me like a mic ignite
These are the ? that go to the Caddilac
Supersonic condoms, MC's want their beardbacks
I joy ? tell smell pennies like an artifact
I'm in this house, it's best to keep it quiet mouse
You got the lice and ? here, yo you carry louse
Plunderjack, the base bounce more than the ounce
Like Roger Traupman, people still use him now
Onepowered horses MC's going off the couch
Jump on the roose plays here like a violin
You step like ? but the clown keep on wylin'

[Chorus: x2]

[Kool Keith]
The last ranger, ? yo smokey bear
Got that black night truck
With wack MC's in my ?
What's the flip-flam with P-P on the highway
Girls move slow but track their trailers in their driveway
Who's smokin' ? now The smif tanks a full with diesel
Back up your rectal piece on prime time you little weasel
I'm comin' through with no girls in no hairdue
Cover your crotch before the place smells like ?
I'm Mr. Cleanshoe clips through the magazine
Butts get whiped and shined up by the grease machine
(Come on go with me over to my place)
Yeah, like Teddy said
I'm scratching butts like the pimples on your first record
You want to see and maybe folks want to check it
I want the sound to throw down and make you sit down
And see your man, he's biting styles in the background

[Chorus: x2]

(My style is the best)

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"I Want da Mic" as written by Keith Thornton Daniel Nakamura


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