"Don't Get Gassed" as written by and James Henry Erick Sermon....
Def Squad
Uh huh
Check it

No more long roads, my time's up
The rap game is bumper to bumper, I take a shortcut
I do a 120 down the Deegan
Fly past the cops, they like he's speeding

I'm in a two triple zero MB
Flaunt it, 'til the gas tank's empty
Yo, me and Redman take a detour
Uptown, park in front of Branson's store

I see a couple of chickens upon the scene
I roll down the window and I flash the greens
I got my hand upon the steering wheel, with the gangsta lean
Watch and rings, doin' my thing, bling, bling

I'm out there sittin' on Lorenzo's
Attractin', two, four, five, or six hoes
Uh, girls scream my name
And the hype crazy, it wasn't me it was the fame

E Dub the rap sugar cane
(Your homeboy drove up) I give a fuck who came
I'm off the hook like 27th street between 11th and 12th
All by myself

Ah-yo, you think you holdin' it down, don't get gassed
On the real you and your mans are clowns, don't get gassed
Ay, you think you flyer than me, don't get gassed
I'm a legend, know somethin', I whoop your ass
Ay, you think you hold the crown, don't get gassed
On the real you and your mans are clowns, don't get gassed
Ay you think you flyer than me, don't get gassed
I'm legend, know somethin', I whoop your ass

Check it, who want to go at it, buck for buck
I come through like nigga what, in a Brinks truck
Blow it up like the Spanish cat in Dead Presidents
Get the money, hand out gifts in your residence

From Snoop Dogg, "Bitch Please"
King of New York, "Christopher Walken" on MCs
I'm hard to please, excite me
Jump off the Brooklyn Bridge
Heads first, face, thug, and live

Now that my get you a "yo duke is ill"
But that still ain't got shit to do with the skills
Uh, why you want to go against me with no brains
When I'm a big dude and you a buck and change

Me, I got no time for playin' games
If it can't ride upon the track then switch lanes
New game, watch how I re-arrange the structure
Here's a hundred grand, keep the change you fucker

I'm like the magazine, my flow is upscale
My shit flourish, and yours don't sale
On the other hand, you're mad to def at Sound Scan
And left wit a couple of fans


"Don't believe the hype"

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"Don't Get Gassed" as written by Eric Sadler Carlton Ridenhour

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