"All I Wanna Do" as written by Fabrice Allegre, Jerome Jackson, O'neil Edwards, Kevin Blair and Richard Browne....
[Chorus: ]
I thought you knew that I'm a gangsta bitch
Fall, fallin in love
Let's just keep it on the unda trick
All I want to do is fuck
[Woman moaning]
I thought you knew that I'm a gangsta bitch
Fall, fallin in love
Let's just keep it on the unda trick
All I want to do is fuck

Bitch I, though you knew that I'm a gangsta ho,
Luni, Coleone I take that money fo' sho'
Catch a bitch that a bus stop and spit some game real tough
She was fine as a motherfuck and she's on my nuts
So I, pimped the ho like a gambler at a dice game
I'm Coleone, thug bitch said "I know yo' name"
So now it's on, chop it up on the mobile phone
So buckle and sit tight I'm coming to get this on
She saw the blingin' chain now I'm all in the Range
Bust a nut on her tummy, to her right brain
Bitch screamin' out, "Young Colie don't kill me"
I'm in that ass knee deep homie feel me

[Chorus: ]

I thought you knew nigga, Coleone love pimpin'
Neva trust a ho always down for some mo'
I, bet a bitch break down fuckin' with me
Take her car keys, her house keys, plus a hundred dollar bank fee
I, Pimp hoes all the time, bust that rhyme
Bust nuts on ho's teefus put my dick on her cleavage
Ain't no simpin' nigga, me and my homies love mackin'
Bodies on my [ ] I'm out to prove [ ]
Niggas cry wolf when they bitch get took
Retaliate with guns when I spread the fun
Kill the shit from the back like an O.G. punk
Yo bitch know I'm a G so she ready to fuck 'cause?

[Chorus: ]

I'm at the party all, and once again it's on
I'm Luni Coleone, and my game real strong
Make a bitch suck dick, that never gave up yock
I'm terrible, she's terrible, ridin' my jock
You'll be surprised how many eyes watch the dope fiend
Hoes love me, I go in the club and plug that ugly
I thought that you knew that I'm a gangsta trick
Coleone is so savage making cabbage off a bitch
Ain't no simpin' partna, we wreaks havoc on a batch
Other niggas lick yo back or I'm fuckin' for the scratch
I'm a real nigga, and that's what real niggas do
Just call me, Blocc Walker, and it's right when I screw

[Chorus: ]

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"All I Wanna Do" as written by Jerome Jackson Fabrice Allegre

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