"La Zuu" as written by and Bobby F/lloyd Ervin....
The LA Zuu.. the LA Zuu

Swingin on a vine through the jungle
Kickin my rhymes, thumpin my bongos
But we can't let the zebras see us
Cause them motherfuckers want to Rodney King, us
Sippin on some brass monkey
Just because he got a back street gon' punk me
Where's your spear, you betta betta keep it on your side
Cause I can throw mines, nineteen times
He jumped out and aimed, I whipped out my bang
Bang, bang, now pick up his brains
I was only huntin for fish
But I came up on a coat for my bitch
Money used to grow on trees, but the thieves
started snatchin leaves, they're like piranhas
They love Americanas
Catch 'em while they slippin when they go into they Hondas
Wise as an owl, but crazy as a crocodile
They can't fuck with the chocolate child
Prices as high as nuts on a giraffe
and expect us to kiss her ass
Guess we stuck like a goose, five it's hard tryin to stay alive
when you got beef with two or three tribes
Raised up with lions and cheetahs
Fightin for freedom, in the wild kingdom
Tarzan got captured by the rapture
Ran up in his hut like nigga this is what's up
Swung back to the hood, did dark in the woods
Hungry like a pack of wolves, up to no good
So you can act real nutty if you want to
Got pretty bank for your big break lawyer
Stuck can't escape, for no tellin how many days
Let's just say, enough to make a man go insane {AHHHHHH!}
Can't get enough, buckwild like Billygoat Gruff
And the homies don't give a mad fuck
All I can do is tell 'em can't stop the 211
Like I said, ain't no tellin like Jack told Helen
Tribe so deep, niggaz comin through mobbin
through the fourth row garden no bank and park
Put the pipe down, put the pipe down, maybe you trippin
That funk got yo' ass to' up
Can't do nothin for ya mayne
Don't let that 'caine, fuck wit'cho brain
Cause if you do, then your ass is through
With money ain't a damn thing funny in the LA

The LA Zuu, the LA Zuu
The LA Zuu, the LA Zuu
The LA Zuu, the LA Zuu
The LA Zuu, the LA Zuu

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"La Zuu" as written by Corey D Lloyd Bobby F Ervin

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