"Ass Out" as written by and Bobby F/lloyd Ervin....
Tick, tock, you don't, stop
My rhymes got 'em strung like dope, rocks
And now I got a fat enough wallet
To buy a cowboy the plus his dog Spot
Huh, watch it as I drop it
Atomic bomb is better known as the chronic
For ninety-one and ninety-two, I'ma serve
I've got somethin' for Officer Bird, see
Ain't no way y'all gon' have me in the mall with no VIN check
Wishin' with my hands on the glass like Windex
I gotta have it like a rabbit
So the first bitch that walk up get tossed up like a salad
Tell 'em Bob (what?) you know how we do it loc'
Break they bedpost then get ghost (yup)
Check they pulse (right)
And if they pass out, they just ass out

So just stay off my dick nigga
And tell yo' bitch that I want to put this in her
Strip her ass butt-naked like paint thinner
'Cause a nigga ain't nothin' but a chicken dinner
So if you got a bitch that try to just play you like a video game
Tell 'em any old thing, yeah
'Cause now I got riches, bitches
Be knockin' on my door like Jehovah Witness, for instance
This one particular hoe hum
With her big ol' nigga lookin' like Lou Ferrigno
The nigga's pissed off, it's his fault
If he wasn't on my dick he wouldn't a noticed her lip gloss
Who got an instant replay, he say
Niggaz hoppin' on and off the bitch like a freeway
She kept her mouth down South
On my fly, kiss her ass goodbye

If it's a bitch what, a one-eighty-seven
Stuck for the homies my ass, and you can tell 'em
Two choices, either the police get ya
Or the next door neighbor's doberman pincher
And fuck around, ass be to' up
Lookin' like a plain-ass doughnut
I should a known when I was told it was niggaz in a Brougham
Holdin' walkie-talkie microphones
Why me, a nigga gotta stay sucka free
Jake can't fuck with me
Surround the whole block, a helicopter never stopped a fox
Especially if he's sly
But if you ain't fly
Kiss yo' ass goodbye
So kiss your ass goodbye

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"Ass Out" as written by Corey D Lloyd Bobby F Ervin

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