"Street Nigga" as written by Peter Phillipps, Thomas Guest, Kenneth Austin, Marvin P Gaye, Alfred W Cleveland and Renaldo Benson....
Straight uptown from money earnin' mow-vee
I carry my tech nine, and troop with the yg'z
So when beef comes, I'm ready for war
I put a slug in my nigga and I settle the score
Like a tic for a tac, my gat bust the most caps
Killin' muthafuckaz, leave 'em dead with the alley cats
You feel brave digga, grave nigga, that's where you goin' fagat
Your bodies bein' smothered with magats
Pump nigga shouldn't act up, don't even floss ruff
I'll beat you till you black as a cocoa puff
Muthafucka I'm as real as they come
Buckin' muthafuckaz is a game we play for fun
Gettin' wreck wit a tech, shakin' niggaz knecks
Blood drippin' so bad from a cold kneck
What you figure when you livin' by the trigger
That's how it is when your fuckin' wit a street nigga

Do or die nigga, do or die
Do or die nigga, do or die
Do or die nigga, do or die
Do or die nigga, do or die

I'm a street nigga, you want to know why
'cause I could give a fuck whether you or me die
Bitch ass niggaz better back up wit da quickness
Play me the wrong way, I'll kill you like a sickness
Street nigga to the baddest, my pants is saggin'
I'm down to catch a midnight dragon
Jus coolin' on the block so my glock'll pop
More niggaz in the head, even fuckin'
I got soldiers, .45 pistol holders
Stick up kids, and some doin' state biz
But fuck that, back to the subject
34th street, the whole fuckin' ygz
Get fast doe, fuckin' wit mud hoes
Damn the principle of my school, and his honor roles
I'ma street kid, so I got street smarts
Gettin' my a's and b's while troopin' on the sidewalk


Separated on one side, so we can just smoke each other
Fuck a brother love for one another
I gotta survive, playin' the street game
Splatter some fuckin' brains, and sellin' some cocaine
A savage rate, indeed harsh
Hustle to get far, the devil got our minds all brain washed
So for bates, listen to the crackers and turf snakes
And all there are is coffee and cupcakes
He's no longer a street nigga, but a confined nigga
Sittin' in a cell doin' time nigga
Rich fucks don't realize, packed and civilized
I'd love to see the tears in trump's eyes
When his mother was mugged, shit was bugged
And he thought it would be me speakin' to the judge
But he was wrong it was one of his own kind
A street nigga ain't hard to find


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"Street Nigga" as written by Kenneth Austin Alfred W Cleveland

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