"Freestyle" as written by Walt Dewgarde Jr/ Kenyatta Blake, Brown, Wesley and Kool & The Gang....
2 Scoops-

Yeah, my mind get complex like sex
nigga Scoop is on the microphone and I gets wrecked
can I wreck this, from Long Beach to Texas
I be rollin through the hood in a Lexus (is that what you do)
Perfection is the way that I gets really wicked
Dove Shack in the house muthafucka come to kick it
stick it, pick it up a little bit
I have some dope on my mind and I got rid of it

Bo Roc-

Watch out now
here I come, here I come as I step up to the microphone
snappin suckers like a chicken bone
Long Beach be my home and the chrome that I pack
I used to chill on the West Side at The Dove Shack
on Delta, helter skelter, have you ever felt a
nigga run through your ass like Alka Seltzer
or ex lax, never lax on my skills
packs my steel

see Knight-

So, you gets mashed like potatoes
you can't fade those
muthafuckaz from the shack
with the big guns like that
so back the fuck up
as we act the fuck up
lettin you niggaz know
straight what's goin down so
niggaz I clown
I surround you with the gang rollin
black and gold afforded
niggaz I'm straight strollin
to equips like the see I never slip
because I'm doper, doper, see I'm straight broke ya

2 Scoops-

Is that what you is?
'cause I handle my biz
and its regularly
niggaz can't get with me
'cause I was simply, ass on the curb
as I swerve in my Cutlass
might be a bucket, I got a dick suck it
really quick bitch and get yo ass on your way
S to the see double O-P with the shack don't play
delay, no way like a plane comin through
Dove Shack's in the house droppin VooDoo

Bo Roc-

See when I grab the microphone MCs I be breakin em off
I leave em lost, excuse me I have to cough
ah, back again when I bend like a rainbow
this ain't no game hoe, I show no shame
when it come to rippin the track
in fact, its the shack
right up in your face
get a little taste of the bass
like a ace, a little spade
when I'm laid parlay, parlay
when I come spittin lyrics with no delay

see Knight-

Its this nigga that's full of mystery
I leave your ass in history
if you fuckin wit me, pissin me off
I toss you, a fuckin cross the room
sweet niggaz I bring fuckin crews, and fools doom
sit, I drops bombs here and there, everywhere I go
see I grabs the microphone like this and straight catch the flow
flows, I shows, no love for them hoes
and, I got my pocket on fat to the store I go

2 Scoops-

You best a watch out
you best a watch out for the automatic
we got skills that be flippin like a acrobatic
magic it gets 'cause VooDoo isn't in me
can't you send me ass to the G Funk Era
double dare a nigga to step
without a gat kept in a safe place
his ass will get erased
like an eraser, mace and shit, that I be like droppin
never stoppin, so won't you come and rob him

Bo Roc-

In other words, you get served, with that dope shit
when I come with that muthafuckin shit
that leave you hung by the rope
by top, got that funky funky fuckin funkin fuckin style
and I'll, peel the muthafuckin on the real
Ice boy steel
nerve is a muthafuckin blurp when I swerve
to the curb I'm tweakin off herb
when a muthafucka count my spread they shit I serve
like a waiter, and get grey later
on the car fader, I hate a perpetraitor
aid up beat up beat up need a muthafuckin killa

see Knight-

So, menace to murder
tactic skills like this I'll serve ya
bring yo ass on, pack up the crew
step to the niggaz that's always sportin blue
true to what I does
hit the weed to catch the buzz
was I there, I don't know
still feelin fly so
please don't try
you might die where you standin
loaded, I'm landin to the chin
so please don't pretend

2 Scoops-

As my freestyle run free like a nigga gettin out the pen
cheat you like a rainbow muthafucka den I'm bout to bend
your whole structure, you can't fuck with my bustin
niggaz I be rushin, always kickin up dust and
I'm never lackin on them skills, and my mind is on swo
nigga, I roll, and I like to hold, 50's in my pocket
that eye I will sock it, blastin to all the spots just like a rocket

Bo Roc-

Function function, what's yo function
when I'm rollin on a busta I'm straight dumpin
don't need no muthafuckin car for a drive-by
never will I fly by, might as well I'm high sigh
ahh, that's what I do when I'm like strollin, rollin
that be my game when I hang, I bang, and slang
muthafuckin cabby, a pimp daddy don't need no caddy
to play no playa, playa hata I cannot fade ya

Shit, we got it funky than a muthafucka in here
you know what I'm sayin, and shit
its like stankin and shit
shits just stankin all up in this muthafucka
Its what I do best, please don't test
or you might find a Smith and Wess, god bless
(and rest in peace)

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"Freestyle" as written by Reggie Henriques Williams

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