"Shine" as written by and Mike/anderson Oldfield....
featuring Mr. Len

[INTRO: Mr. Len (in a reggae/dance hall style)]

Eh Eh. What you teaching? Professinal speaking

What dem leaking?

Em boy de dis?????? you know say es sosa

I'm Bots Dynasty running C.M. Family

Digi digi you don't say digi what what

Watch dis


Me tell dem long time

Where done and you go rise

Oooooh now tink about dat

Me tell ya long time

Where done and you go rise

Shades of Culture brethren

Come y'all fee shine


Yo, my action's action packed like the Shaolin versus the Lama

I'm droppin on your fake personna like a bomber

Who keeping focus. I'm being highly explosive

And folks should know this before they test what I composes

When we bring it live, I'm sure the peeps will see the light

And some would swear I came outta mom-dukes holding a mic

Professional, rub you out with the script in freestyle

To build a strong foundation, before I'm old and senile

Don't touch that dial, you need to lock onto these frequencies

React like killer bees when in the face of enemies

Keep playing the fool, after school you're like the Sensai

With 1200 technics like my DJ

Embark on missions with the verbal ammunition

I'm closing in on your position to blow up your sound system

Darker Shade, Revolu, DJ Storm and Mr. Len

Make dem weak, sour cheeks so they never come again

'Cause y'all know how we do when we pick up these mics and broadcast it

Hit the hip-hop mass with the vocal blast

Now bless this mother's child to never have to pack a nine

And with these rhyme designs, I'm about to light it up like daytime



When I get my mic on, you know its time to party

Throwing suckers in the crowd with their necks bent up oddly

I hardly ever leave the set breaking a sweat

I'm leaving crews with blues from lyrics I haven't even used yet

Bet. Strictly laid back on the playback

Vocals sound crisp running through the Pat Sajak (?)

Paybacks, fifty times harder when I carter(?)

Rise and nerve endings, you're rap career's ending

This day and age exposed to all types of cancer

Like the Renessaince you're still searching for the answers

Like a preying mantis, MCs whose only plan is...

Find the Shades Of Culture, but we hidden like Atlantis

Handle this, I'm like a candle to you mandibles

The mic melts down and the drips burn your finger tips

Now your rapper's in charge when we bomb hard

Air waves and wave caps, you lose pluck a new card

Boom bap, beats like Kris Parker

Produced by DJ Choice and my partner be the Darker

I mark up subways with the marker or a pen

Storm is flipping records, bring the chorus Mr. Len



Yo, what up kid?

I heard you're back from your jail bid

Spent time in for rhyming on a beat that Choice did

Now I see you and I see you committed purgery, no time for home surgery

You called the rhytmn, your own and got indited

Extradited, you couldn't find time to write it

So why claim fame, find your own name

Get a phat producer and you can join the rap game


You best to realize vocally we exercise

With the verbal calithetics aimed directly at your third eye

Initialize contact with beats that break your back

Some get hooked on this, fools get hooked on crack

Me not like that, that's why I strike back like the Empire

On the mics we generating heat like forest fires

To clearly understand, you need to dig deep like you was mining

No blitz or eclipse will ever keep this son from shining.


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"Shine" as written by Mike Oldfield Jon Anderson

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