"In da Street" as written by Melissa A. Elliott, Donald Holmes, Gerard Thomas and Aleesha Richards....
[Featuring Missy Elliott Mocha]

[Missy Rap]

Uhh 1 2 hit me

Dag nigga let me breathe

Let me know what you need

Why you keep on asking me

Where I go and why I leave

Can I kick it can I relax

Can I kick it I be back

Can I kick it what's up with that

I know you mad and that's a fact

[Nicole Verse One]

My man he got an attitude cause

He think I been messing round but

All I do is just sit at home, and

Wait until he return my call, and

Why is it that he don't trust me

Is it that he's the one messing up, see

I should be the one who's questioning

Why my man is always asking

[Chorus (sung by Missy and Nicole)]

Where I been

Where I go

Who I'm with

Am I out , messing up

When will I, be back

Am I out, in the streets, doing stuff

(repeat x2)

[Nicole - Verse Two]

My man, he been acting crazy

He thinks I been changing lately

He thinks I been out here spotting

And if he ask me, Ill tell him where I been

I been home just waiting, waiting

He been out just playing, playing

My man, he don't want me to go nowhere

Then if I go, he needs to know

[Repeat CHORUS]

[Bridge {Missy} and Nicole]

Oooh, oooh {uh huh uh huh}

Oooh, oooh {uh huh uh huh}

Oooh, oooh, listen to me sing {and all the ladies say}

Oooh, oooh {uh huh uh huh}

Oooh, oooh {uh huh uh huh}

Oooh, oooh {uh huh uh huh}

Oooh, oooh {where I been}

[Repeat Chorus]

[Mocha - Rap]

You jokin right

want to grab this open mic

Peeps got you all hyped

Thinkin that you flowin tight

But you knew, that's the way it had to be, baby

M-O-to the muthafucking-see-H-A

Must be crazy

Competing with ours

Broken out, your copper whip, that got too many miles

What you think, can't even get the wheels on my ve-hi-cle

Any year, we in style

You ain't here, we got power

[Missy - Spoken]

Yo, heheh, whatcha say

Missy (fucka fucked up now)

Nicole Wray (fucka fucked up now)



Gerard, you know my squad





Maganoo, how we do

Yo we out, 1-2

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"In da Street" as written by Donald Holmes Melissa A. Elliott

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