"Five Minutes" as written by and Gerard/holmes Thomas....
You have just entered
The year 2000
And they've just arrived
Ready to take us outer space
To another planet
Where there's only one club
And one disco, ooh
And they want to show us how
Heh heh, they boogie, uh

[Lil' Mo]
Got a strange call from a girl
In the midst of the night, uh huh
She said you better call your man
Cause he sleepin' right here tonight
So I put on my coat
And my hat and then put on my shoes, yeah yeah
I said bitch don't you move
Cause I'll be seeing you soon
It only took me

[Chorus: x2]
In five minutes, I was knockin' at the door
In two minutes, I had her on the floor
In one minute, I was fightin' wit' my man
Yes I did it, and I told his tail to scram

[Lil' Mo]
Saw a few scratches on my car
Just the other day, yeah yeah yeah
Neighbor around my way
Said she saw you drivin' away
So I put two together
And I found myself ready to go, whoa whoa
Before she even knew it
I was comin' down the road
It only took me

[Chorus: x2]

[Bridge: x2]
Be a hoe
I'm kickin' you up out the door
I hope you know
Like Coolio, you gotta go
Don't even think
I'm gonna let you hang around
Got your draws down
Lookin' stupid like a clown

[Chorus: x4]

Freaky freaky
Freaky freaky
It's the year 2000
And they will be back
To take us to outer space
To their planet
Where there's only one club
Where there's only one disco
And you know what they want to show us
Ooh, you know what they want to show us
How they boogie (yo, yo, yo)

[Lil' Mo]
Yo, don't know what they told you, but
They done told you wrong
Bet I go back and tell 'em again
And make sure you here it all
Don't come up in my Millennium talkin' bout
Girl, this my song
If you don't know how to bounce to this
Then try to play it off
It's just like a movie, everybody want to see
In the 2 G, how she dress like me
They say "Who's she?", she's fly as can be
Got a groupie, off a hoochie
I got lucci, mad cheese in the bank
And my crew be, straight flossin' wit' me
Even Hootie, want to Blow like me
Heard he want to be a Lil' mo like me, what

Check it out now,
Break it down now,

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"Five Minutes" as written by Donald Holmes Melissa A. Elliott

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