"Once Upon the Cross" as written by Steven Kenneth Asheim, Glen Michael Benton, Brian Hoffman and Eric Hoffman....
Once upon the cross

Fear him, fear him, fear him... Satan

Nazarene in the valley of persuasion
To receive last temptations from Lord Satan
"Take a bite" said the serpent "eat of it"
Without no choice to do so, you cannot resist

Impaled crucifixion
Compassion forgot
Eternal damnation
Once upon a cross

Blasphemy laughs at thee
Jesus you've been deceived
Struggling on the cross
Gagging to breathe
Despite your god, question why
You were retrieved by the angel of light

Kill him, kill him, kill him... Satan

Nazarene screaming on his crucifixion
Prophecy in its final contradiction
When you die is when the lie will be believed
Upon the cross, before the world to see

Once upon the cross

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"Once Upon the Cross" as written by Eric Hoffman Brian Hoffman

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    General CommentI feel the same way about Slipknot, quiffporn. You know what I do? I avoid purchasing their garbage CD's or downloading their MP3's. I don't listen to them, quiffporn. You should give it a try.
    Perfect Weaponon June 11, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthe song is called once upon THE cross.... from their CD once upon THE cross... also he says FATHER why have you forsaken me not god... otherwise these lyrics are correct.. oh yea and fuck you quiffporn and you to octobersnackbar, go listen to simple plan and cut your fucking wrists
    brennon13on November 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI have the common sense to sample an artist's work before throwing away money on overpriced CD's, and even when I do make the unfortunate mistake of purchasing something I was disappointed with, I certainly don't go to an Internet lyrics site and whine about it much to the aggravation of the people who enjoy that particular band. Why? Because that's idiotic.

    Was that simple enough?
    Perfect Weaponon June 22, 2004   Link
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    General CommentNo, could you dumb it down a bit?
    quiffpornon June 27, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThat was an odd comment regarding a "finger up his ass". I dont know about you, but having a finger up my ass doesnt inspire me to sing.
    Anyway, Deicide's message is clear. If you are offended, mission accomplished. Deicide and their fanbase are sick of busy-body christians imposing their beliefs, or attempting to impose their beliefs, on them.
    Benton is making the point of, "What father sacrifices his son?"
    Meanwhile, Christians turn this around as a token of love and sacrifice.
    Frankly, its digusting seeing these crosses with a dripping, bloody corpse in churches. How can children NOT be scarred from this?
    The message from Christianity couldnt get more azz backwards: worship a God who would sacrifice his son, and tell you 'fear me' while at the same time 'love me'.
    Necronicon December 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentDude, you have missed the point completely.
    quiffpornon December 26, 2004   Link
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    General CommentFirst fuck you quiffporn. you obviouslydont respect early death metal legends. I read what you said about cannibal corpse too, what the fuck do you consider death metal??DOnt tell me as i lay dying or some faggot ass european band.This song has a lot more to it than what you see or hear.
    I believe he got the inspiration from martin scorsesse's film "The Last Temptation of Christ" which is based on the da vinci code, but in his own way. In the da vinci ode christ fucks mary magdalen and it is said that the holy grail is the bloodline of christ.Well in the movie jesus is tooken off of the cross by an angel telling him he was never the messiah that god was just testing his loyalty.And then he leads a happy life with mary the whore and then it reveals that the angel was actually satan, that tricked jesus, so the point being, when jesus was on the cross and tooken down, it states jesus didnt really give a fuck
    capricornon March 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYou are really, really stupid. As I lay dying is hardcore/emo core, The fact that you consider this to be close enough to Death metal, as to cause confusion, tells me that you are a very mixed up little boy.

    I have respect for bands that really made a difference, Deicide didn't, they simply came along at the right time and rode the coat tails of a bunch of way better bands.
    quiffpornon May 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGuiffporn, get off your high horse and get yourself a college education. Learn to respect art for what it is and not what you think it SHOULD be. No one appreciates your degrading insults of the artists. You have an assholes reputation as far as i'm concerned and I highly doubt you would live if you ever said half the shit to someones face on this board. Show some respect and quit being such a pussy. Oh, and go fuck yourself.
    Necronicon December 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWho knows wot the first few words are, sounds something along the lines of ' Carlyle, where are your friends taking me??? ' if anyone knows plz email me -
    Coldbreath1on February 04, 2007   Link

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