"Nigga Sings the Blues [Black Jack's Version]" as written by Robert Lee Jr. Green, Gentry Reed and Jones Stanley....
Another nigga sings the blues
Bailin' up outta the fo' with the black on the black
And the niggas be creepin', we rollin' with the Mack 10
The rats in, much lands for the dopefiends on my block
I'm dodgin' cops, never stayed along, I'm quick to move
Gotta slang the rocks, never like the shit I hate to do
Livin' in the city, where the G's die young
And the niggas be heartless so I'm that trigger black
Peel a cap, make a slug come at your rack
Young niggas, American dream, is slangin' the D to fiends
By any means I gotta gets mine, don't fuck with me
I'm comin' from a land where niggas don't play that funny shit
Bugs Bunny shit, 'cause all about makin' that money grip
It's the life I choose, see I ain't got shit to lose
I paid my dues, a nigga still singin' the blues

When I try to be afraid to peel your cap back
Nigga sing the blues, but I refuse to go out like that

Po-po be quick to get the smobbin' up on your niggas after midnight
To see some young hustler up in my hood that got them three strikes, you out!
Tryin' to get the fuck away from their ghetto bird, sirens heard
I ditch my Mack, throw away my crack, I'm losin' stacks of mail
I'm feel to lose my Beenie hat, what is that?
I hear a cop and he reachin' for my back
Wish it was a bad dream, I hear my homie scream
They beat his ass, cops and rags bloody up the grass
What the fuck can a hater do? Gotta make my get away I got away
But I'ma come back slangin' the shit another day
See the case of cash flow, from a real young nigga though
Shit it ain't to smooth, a nigga still singin' the blues

Gotta make my money, shit ain't even funny
Cause I'm strugglin',
Tryin' to make up real pain I shit,
So I'm thuggin'

Runnin' up the block it's me, with a Chevey 350
Comin' to see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya
Cause you're catchin' slugs player
What a way to end your life, 'cause dyin' ain't much of a livin'
Gotta get chopped with nigga, put yourself and I'll spit this hollow tip
Cause livin' in the Bay is real, better know how to shoot your steel
Niggas wanna gat ya, humer comin' at ya, homies' gonna pack your shit for real
This life is a murder show, so hit the fuckin' flo'
I blow, niggas up out their boots with up heavy bailin' through
Peel a cap in the day and the nighttime, anytime is a cop is a right time
Never in my right mind, 'cause niggas on the block fail to see
That I'm out to crush, choppin' up dope, runnin' out the crackhouse
Through the back house, see niggas we ain't that dumb, we hit that back route
Still free to tell the news, don't wear-wear that's niggas shoes
Can't never snooze, 'cause I'm a nigga that's still singin' the blues

When I try I'm ready to peel your cap back
Nigga sing the blues, but I refuse to go out like that
When I try I'm ready to peel your cap back
Nigga sing the blues, but I refuse to go out like that

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"Nigga Sings the Blues" as written by Jones Stanley Gentry Reed

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Nigga Sings the Blues [Black Jack's Version] song meanings
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