"Nigga Be Nasty" as written by and Michael A/drayton Moore....
[Timbo King]
Nigga Be Nasty so pass me the hot burner
'Cause I'ma squirt, shoot 'em shoot 'em squirt, kisses hard dirt
Dirty sound gather round, the boots keep stompin
Brooklyn to Compton, I set it up like Al Sharpton
'cause I get wreck off the instrumental
I make it simple as a blow to your mothafuckin temple
I know it hurts money, but you fuck with the wrong man
So have these nuts to your honey, 'cause everyday is a payday
Forever my lady, huh forever my AK
Now who's real when it comes to the steele, never ran never will
I got the mad skills, I'm spillin drinks on 'em, wordem up
Blow 'em up yo it's time to throw the sheets on 'em
On the corner cops harass me
'Cause it's good to be a nigga when you're nasty

[Chorus x3: Spark 950]
Yes we're nasty, yes we're nasty
It's good to be a nigga when you're nasty

[Timbo King]
Ahhh shit I need another clip
'cause if you flex I get vexed with the techs, who's the next 'vic?
'cause I'm a Gravedigga, on the mic I'm a brave nigga, the top paid nigga
So bring da mothafuckin ruckus, can you dig it suckas?
The heat is on yo, if there's beef I only have to, make one phone call
Get the peoples in a minute, fuck the sheriff I shot down
The god damn lieutenant, took his stripes off his shoulder
Slapped his wife up, took her home then I boned her, I'm kinda heavy baby
Put the pedal to the metal 'cause these niggas gonna push daisy
So don't pass me, 'cause it's good to be a nigga when you're nasty

[Chorus x3]

[Timbo King]
Bring 'em on bring 'em on come to me
I'm going to shoot 'em down one-two-three
If that sucka don't cough up blood
Take his face and shove it in the mud
Yes, its the murder sound, underground flava
I hate a bitch 'cause a bitch is a traitor
Pop that coochie bitch pop that coochie
Suck my dick 'cause you nothing but a hoochie..

Sparks swinging to the rear, officer, officer ain't no crack in here
So what the hell you want from me? 'cause I'ma nigga that's funky, see?
I ain't playing see, where's the loot at? You better start paying me
On the corner cops harass me
'cause it's good to be a nigga when you're nasty

[Chorus x3]

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"Nigga Be Nasty" as written by Timothy Jerome Drayton Michael A Moore

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