"Shadow Dreams" as written by Robert Miller, Craig Simpkens, Willard C Smith and Lamar Mahone....
Shadow dreams
Dreams of a shadow
The analogy of a shadow dream
Dreams are to shadows as your shadows are to your dreams
In the deepest of the darkness it seams as though they're gone
In the light they are visible
Yet intangible and illusive
Your shadow is the true validation of the fact that you exist
Hence shadow dreams

And here we go
Shadow dreams they seem so distant
But the light is strong and no you can't resist it
Keep on pushing, hold out your hand
But light is your friend go on in Caroline
Its always darkest before the light
Nothing's worth having if its not worth a fight
No love without labor, no labor no love
Draw on the strength bestowed from above
What can go wrong will go wrong
But if you fall off a horse just get back on

"I have a dream" the man stated
A shadow dream that he chased to his grave
Just because a dream is lurking in the shadows
Doesn't mean that you should just forget it
I mean you work and you push and you sweat
And you toil and you strive and drive 'til you get it shadow dreams

Shadow Dreams
Dreams of a shadow (shadow dreams)
Shadow Dreams
Dreams of a shadow

Every dark cloud is hiding a silver lining
But don't forget to mobilise, keep on climbing
Do all you can to keep your shadow alive
Because your not far behind if your shadow dies
Make sure you stop and you check tonight
That your shadow is behind you when you walk through the light
'Cause a man without a shadow ain't a man at all

I mean I take it just for granted that my homies on the wall
Kids see the shadows and they want to play
But sometimes their stolen, taken away
Adults are the thieves, the kids get robbed
Throw away that shadow boy go and get a job
Just because the dream is lurking in the shadows
Doesn't mean that you should forget it
I mean you work and you push and you sweat
And you toil and you strive and drive till you get it shadow dreams


Fourteen years old I used to want a Beamer
I guess you could say I was what you'd call a shadow dreamer
I told my father that I didn't think I'd ever get in
I said I might as well just forget it
My father said Son, don't be talking so dumb
Hard work and education makes anything come
And plus a shadow dream ain't as far as ya seem Son
You used to be a shadow dream

Life is a mystery but lets check history
To see how many peoples shadow dreams came true
And if the other peoples shadow dreams are equal
Then why can't the next shadow dreamer be you
That's the philosophy I live my life by
When things get hard through the stress and strife I
Keep on pushing with a full head of steam
Like a train through the tunnel to my shadow dream

[Chorus x 2]

Uh ha
Shadow Dreams
Dreams of a shadow...

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"Shadow Dreams" as written by Lamar Mahone Craig Simpkens

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