"Return of the Biz Dance" as written by and Marlon Lu'ree/biz Markie Williams....
Ayyo ayyo, ayyo Biz what up?
Yo what up Marl?
Yo man 'member when we first shocked everybody
With a funky fresh beat?
Yeah with the "Biz Dance," and you know
And "Make the Music" and all
Yo remember we had the "Biz Dance"
Yo we should get a funky beat and redo it man
Yo, I'm I'm bringin' it back out
It's gon' be called, "The Return.. of the Biz Mark"

I'm the Biz Markie, I'm known for beatboxin' and rap
And now it's time, to bring my funky dance back
And once again, puttin' you in a trance
In case you all forgot it it's called the Biz Dance
A movement by the body that's made like a puppet
I'm here to bring it back, and party people love it
So everybody knowin', and those who want to learn
Get up and move your body as I return

Wit the Biz Mark, Biz Mark
Wit the Biz Mark, Biz Mark
Wit the Biz Mark, Biz Mark
Wit the Biz Mark, Biz Mark

Well I'm here to show you like a dance that never dies
That's put inside within yo' TV Guide
A movement of the body that can't be beat
It's like done by the creatures on Sesame Street
Now I can move my body when I'm dancin' at a party
Like a ballerina that's drunk on Bacardi
I start to think of pop-and-twist
You think James Brown is wild, ah bust this!

Wit the Biz Mark, Biz Mark
Wit the Biz Mark, Biz Mark
Wit the Biz Mark, Biz Mark
Wit the Biz Mark, Biz Mark

Now, this dedicated to everybody out there that know how to do it
And those who wanna learn, this how you do it
You gotta get funky! You can't get funky, you got to get dooky!
You can't get dooky you got to get doo doo!
And this the way you gotta do it, a little somethin'
You gotta like, swing your hips like this and jump
And then you gotta throw your hand up to your head
And then your leg gotta hit your ear
And then your hand gotta hit your head
And your leg gotta hit your ear and jump
And this the way to do it
Say one, two, one, two, three

Now all the party people that's standin' still
Get on the dance floor and let's all get ill
Kick your legs 'til the right is into the left
And do a dance that is known as the doo doo def
Because to this day, it's still kickin' live
And if I dance with y'all I will revive it
It is of the words and isn't goin' away
I will make it come back like Sugar Ray

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"Return of the Biz Dance" as written by Marlon Williams Biz Markie

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