"Jackson" as written by and Craig Finn....
Jackson was an actor
At least he was when he was well
Stephanie was good to me but not so much to herself
We were holed up in a hotel room from August to November
It was Jackson, me, and Stephanie
The rest I don't remember

Stephanie appeared to me in the back half of the theater
We met up with Jackson on the strand a few days later
We pooled our funds and made a run
We were foolproof when it counted
It was Jackson, me, and Stephanie
And it didn't seem all that crowded

Now why you asking about Jackson?
It was a long time ago and nothing really happened
Why you asking about Jackson?

Jackson just got restless
Couldn't take the lack of action
He was sort of like a shark
He just had to keep on swimming
And the sailors kept on coming off the boats down at the harbor
It was difficult to stop
It was easy to get started

Stephanie came on strong but suddenly went weak
She seemed a little speedy and her tongue worked at her teeth
The sirens came behind us

It was a bit be fore we heard it
It was Jackson, me and Stephanie
And for a while it felt just perfect

Now why you asking about Jackson?
It was a long time ago and nothing really happened
Someone said he ended up in Denver
Someone said he went to Kansas City
Someone said he went off the deep end
Some said he was living there already
One day Jackson just didn't show up to the party
One day Jackson just didn't show up to the party

Stephanie was long on looks and short on mental health
She said depression is an ocean and it's prone to tides and swells
Anxiety's persistent
It's an ambitious politician
It keeps knocking on your door
Until you come and let it in
I think that Jackson let it in
I think Jackson let it in

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"Jackson" as written by Craig Finn


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    My Interpretation“Now why you askin’ about Jackson? It was a long time ago, and nothing really happened.”

    I feel as though it wasn’t all that long ago, and a lot of stuff really happened. The narrator is trying to protect something or someone . . . most likely himself, Stephanie, and Jackson and the memories they shared.

    They had their time, lived their drug/alcohol fueled days in that hotel room and, now, the narrator wants to let it go, remember, and forget.

    But you have to keep askin’ about Jackson.
    asbiichleon January 27, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI love this song as well as terrified eyes because at least for me captures feelings of depression/anxiety that go along with a negative lifestyle.
    messiahofevilon March 14, 2012   Link

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