Hollow courtship, run-on, pointless
Faint dreams, creeping, endless
Timeless, wasted, fucking jaded
Destroy-demand, ending craving, seething, teething, war, war.
Hands waving, hands bleeding

How can you live with yourself?

Cities, countries, children hunting
Worn, wearing down, down
Hear, speak, breathe, eat, crave, pour, drink, need
Wake never fully ever
Shiver, shake
La Mer-haunted sexuality, curves, angles, charcoal to paper
Memory, history, capsize, explain, express, stomach - take it out out out out

How can you live with yourself?

Lyrics submitted by BlackheartCherry, edited by Dernak

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    My InterpretationNa not about black magic.
    Mer mean sea in several languages (en.wiktionary.org/wiki/…).
    It sounds to me like she's describing the sea and things that have happened on the ocean as a metaphor or allegorical perspective on a relationship.

    At one time or another, (or endlessly even) the sea has been all of the things she is describing in the lyrics. Swallowing cities, a place of multiple wars, I mean think about it. I like the line Awake Never Fully Ever, because that is such a truth. The sea in a whole is like that...just floating endlessly not caring or feeling or even fully awake - a feeling that is definitely not foreign to me in a relationship.

    "La mer haunted sexuality, curves, angles - charcoal to paper
    Memory, history
    Capsize-explain, express, stomach, take it out out out out out out out"

    Study it, try to understand, draw it out on paper, it's not going to make it different because you can't change it. It's too big. You can't explain, and you'll never know why or how or what it could all mean. You can only try to take it out out out out out of your head.

    That's what it meant to me, anyway.
    ericacmilleron October 16, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI'm in love with this song. It gives me this dark vibe and power.
    But from the video, it tells me its got to do with black magic. They're all in a ritual circle.
    xxdufffxxon March 25, 2012   Link

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