Kristoff Krane
I was dragged into this world by some hands I never met
Told to be a man learning how to stand and intercept
To walk into a plot I never planned and can't defend
And expected to survive in a land that's cancerous
Told to play my part and act and pass the test
In a world I was told was mine but never had the chance to get

Tonight I'm gonna beat my heart until the fucking beating stops
In a way to vindicate the parasites I'm feeding on
Dream on, demons find me in my sleep to burn the brink that I can teeter on
I listen to the wickedness that's willing in the wind
Just to give a little rhythm to the dissonance within
When I leave dark teethmarks pointing to my god I don't consider him a friend
This year for once I'm gonna give up my religion
Find the pentagram and constellations they can visit with
These stars depart, although the stars is not a part of my intentions is it?

Kristoff Krane
From a ripple to a swelling tide that finally broke its crest
The shore is slowly moving towards the compass in my chest
One sun, watch it run laps around my head
Till I love myself enough, I'm dead
You're yelling at me through a 3D hologram
Touch screen power button, suck me dry, plug me in
Mother suffers when we huddle with our bloody hands
All because we've learned to stand like puppets and we understand
One day I'ma be an old man
I know how to hold hands, romance, slow dance
No program shall control this moment I'm so (yeah) focussed
Hold it, all in together now
So sick we can taste what the cure is
Go get all the memories in heaven
How can we escape our sinning when they drag our spirit chain to the pyramids

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