I'm bringing funny back.
'Cause comedy is where it's at.
I can do a good lampoon.
I can make a dementia tune.

Take it to the bridge.

Don't ever take it too seriously,
Don't forget to add some crazy,
And make it novelty.

Take it to the chorus.

Bringin' funny back.
Let's make it silly
With I'm a Cowboy.
With Boobs Boobs Boobs
They're Full of Joy

Let's make it geeky,
With Starr Mopp Wars
and Kirk Spock Bones
For all Nerdcores

Let's go and play
with Centipede
and Pac-Man too
Fun tunes I'll breed.

Let's watch some TV
with Jeopardy,
with South Park,
It gets crazy.



I'm bringin' funny back.
I know what's missing, so I'll make it, Jack.
I'll make fun of anything.
Dementia is what I'll bring.

Take it to the bridge.

Doesn't always have to be funny,
It just has to be so silly,
So it'll work for me.

Take it to the chorus

Bringin' Funny Back
Goin' back to L.A.
Nothin's on TV
Love Pirate Radio
as you can see.

No place to park,
Dead Kennys too,
All out of Pups,
It's right for you.

What if your wife,
Was a Man,
Caught in the Act
For funny fans.

Let's watch the frog,
Eight is Enough
and Batman too,
It's crazy stuff.



I'm bringing funny back.
'Cause novelty is where it's at.
Strange and fun is what I do.
Comedy will always rule.

Take it to the chorus!

With So-Great Debates
and F-in Gold
A lot of CDs
That I have sold.

With CP/M
Tonight at 8
I've seen everything,
My stuff is great.

I use references
Like Family Guy
They sound nostalgic
I don't know why.

They always do make
some great filler.
They are a part of
Dennis Miller.

I couldn't install
MS Windows,
I like Good Times,
and old TV shows.

Alyssa Milano
and Mila Kunis,
and Lindsay Lohan,
It's silly like this.

with Bob and Doug
and Cheech and Chong
and Nervous Norvous
you can't go wrong.

Thank you for enjoying
my comedy and novelty
which has been part of the world
of dementia since 2000
and we'll keep on doing it
all around the world and
across the Internet.
Buy my CDs at
and request them on every radio
show you can think of.
Stay demented!

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