you know, it's good to see homosexuals up on stage singin' dancin'... i mean, they know it's not MY thing, but to hear them talkin' about out lord, jesus christ, and, you know, them takin' a likin' to the bible, and takin' a likin' to, uh, the christian way of life, and not, you know, as much their, uh, homosexual lifestyle, which, you know, i.. i try not to, try not to follow on the news or television, but you know I've heard it from people, and I've heard it from jesus himself. He told me that there's.. that uh.. Jesus, he told me, he said, he said, "chris," he said, "You know, I don't.. I don't like your homosexual neighbor. I know... I know he's a homosexual. I've seen him and his, uh, boyfriend, or his associate, what have you." He's seein' them out in public together ... i mean, they weren't holdin' hands or kissin' like I've seen on that, uh, whassat, H.. showtime? They have a television show, "queer as folk." i've seen that once or twice, and i saw.. i saw that they.. they're tryin' to have a real life like the rest of us in this christian nation. they.. they're not understandin' that they are a spawn of the devil, and, um, that their man-on-man love isn't right. anyway, back to my point. up on stage, i'm seein' this group Pardon Our Dust, uh, some local homosexual group. they, uh, they played a show recently. They were playin' a song called "Jesus Christ... FOLK OFF," if you'll.. if you'll believe that. i mean, a play on words. i mean, can you.. yeah, i guess that's in their culture. anyway, they're playin' this song "jesus christ." this song is about homosexuality. it's about homosexuality and the love of our lord. now i'm all for homosexuals wanting to be like us straight people. i mean, i, they know that they're, i mean, it's good to see them try and not be homosexuals. yeah, uh, god isn't gonna let them through those, uh, pearly gates. they, they're gonna be in for a surprise. now, i'm not sayin' they should run around, you know, bein' satans that they are. i mean, we don't want that. BUT, it was good to see some homosexuals on stage for once. and to see them perform songs about our lor-- OUR lourd, not theirs-- about THEIR homosexuality. their homosexuality, more or less, is just, you know, sick. Um, I... they performed on stage 10 minutes maybe. i mean at LEAST. the song was that long. they had the audience, you know, I mean, they were clappin, i hadn't seen that since, uh, I mean, a long time. And, uh, point is, they gettin' into heaven. And, uh, they need to realize that. And I'm done.

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