I was just an acrobat
High above the street
Pointing at the ground, the empty sky beneath my feet
The perfect fall
No one could tell at all
That it was killing me

You were just an astronaut
Floating on a spark
Tearing up the atmosphere, burning down the dark as you fell in
The heat against your skin
Till it got too bright to see

Far away
I hear the things they say about me
Even though
They know you had to go without me

Now you are an architect
Setting up the sea
Everyone is with you and you're all waiting for me
You check the net
But you haven't caught me yet
They're not quite done with me

Now I am an arsonist
Seven miles high
Burning through the air, I breathe thunder in the sky
My engine sings
As it melts this pair of wings
That only I can see

Touch the sun
My eyes wide open, unbelieving
Catch a breath
The only one who's left is leaving

Now I am an arsonist

Lyrics submitted by ColonelClaypool_00, edited by Kaboose42

Now I Am an Arsonist song meanings
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    General CommentIts obviously about a space ship..... But I think it might be about the end of the space shuttle..
    Skyguy757on February 09, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI'm going to go with the narrator as command module of the Apollo 11 mission, singing to the lunar module. Possibly to an astronaut who landed, but I think the LM:

    * The perfect fall: orbit
    * It was killing me: using up fuel
    * You were just an astronaut: LM inside, along for the ride on launch
    * Heat against your skin: the bright metallic skin of the LM
    * Hear the things they say: radio comminucation
    * Go without me: LM landing alone after separation in lunar orbit
    * Setting up the sea: Sea of Tranquility
    * Everyone is with you: hmm, doesn't fit. Anders stayed in the command module
    * Haven't caught me yet: Not yet re-docked for the flight back
    * Arsonist/burning through the air: re-entry
    * Catch a breath: hatch opens, people leave
    ShadyGon March 10, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThe astronaut trains. Finally goes to space. Below, they wait for the module's splashdown, but it explodes and burns on re-entry.
    LauraWrighon January 24, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationWe are starting off at the very end of the story here. The craft is hurtling down through the atmosphere, and from it perspective we hear it singing about its imminent demise, and that of the astronaut on board.

    As the craft and its pilot give in to the forces and make their peace, we hear the radio crackling out, demanding status updates.

    Switch to the deck of a large recovery ship, the man who is on the radio is trying to find out what is going on. They are prepared to pick up the astronaut and the craft when they touch down.

    The ships crew are stunned as the craft becomes visible. At an altitude of seven miles, it enters the troposphere, and the fire and thunder roar up as the craft is consumed.

    This would be the story if JoCo hadn't said it was a song about a person dying in a hospital/care facility

    Kaboose42on April 28, 2013   Link

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