"No Harmony" as written by and Tim Kasher....
The night's coming alive outside
And there's me and my guitar and Kentucky rye, uh huh
Maybe I should join the escapade
Instead of staring down at this blank white page, uh huh
I could take a stool at the palace bar
Flirt a little while with the bartender, uh huh
I swear to god, she knows my name
She refuses to use it
To her, we're all the same, uh huh
I could buy a drink for a pretty girl
Those young ones are always off shooting pool, uh huh
Oh, listen to me, Mr. Peter Pan
Them girls live in Never Never Land
I'm better off with a girl my age
A spinster or a divorcée, uh huh
Well here I am, a divorcé too
With a potbelly and a jagged tooth, uh huh
I patrol the bars with my gut sucked in
Trying to find my next victim, uh huh
It's the ugliest men think they can always do better
They've been hypnotized by the magazine covers, uh huh
I could saddle up with the town floozy
And maybe she'd be thinking the same about me, uh huh
We can march down Central Avenue
A telltale parade for self-inflated youth, uh huh
In bed we can share emotional scars
Your dead-eyed dad, my AWOL mom
It doesn't matter if you're quick or not
It's a competition of who gets who off, uh huh

The night's coming alive outside
As I scribble down these senseless rhymes, uh huh
My life is full of melody, but rarely ever harmony, uh huh
So here I am, a desperate man
At 2 a.m. with this tune in my head, uh huh
I don't need another foolish fling
As long as I got a song, uh huh

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    My Interpretation"kentucky rye." a type of whiskey

    "i could saddle up with the town floozy." a term for a loose woman.

    "in bed we can share emotional scars. you're dead-eyed dad, my AWOL mom."

    "i don't need another foolish fling, as long as i've got a sooooooooooooong, uh huh." song's about writing about fucking loose women, not actually fucking loose women. so it makes sense.
    Disappearon December 28, 2011   Link

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