"50 Words for Snow" as written by and Kate / Bush....
1 drifting
2 twisting
3 whiteout
4 blackbird braille
5 Wenceslasaire
6 avalanche
Come on man, you've got 44 to go,
come on man, you've got 44 to go.
Come on man, you've got 44 to go,
come on man, you've got 44 to go.
7 swans-a-melting
8 deamondi-pavlova
9 eiderfalls
10 Santanyeroofdikov
11 stellatundra
12 hunter's dream
13 faloop'njoompoola
14 zebranivem
15 spangladasha
16 albadune
17 hironocrashka
18 hooded-wept
Come on Joe, you've got 32 to go,
come on Joe, you've got 32 to go.
Come on now, you've got 32 to go,
come on now, you've got 32 to go.
Don't you know it's not just the Eskimo.
Let me hear your 50 words for snow.
19 phlegm de neige
20 mountainsob
21 anklebreaker
22 erase-o-dust
23 shnamistoflopp'n
24 terrablizza
25 whirlissimo
26 vanilla swarm
27 icyskidski
28 robber's veil
Come on Joe, just 22 to go,
come on Joe, just 22 to go.
Come on Joe, just you and the Eskimos,
Come on now, just 22 to go.
Come on now, just 22 to go,
Let me hear your 50 words for snow.
29 creaky-creaky
30 psychohail
31 whippoccino
32 shimmerglisten
33 Zhivagodamarbletash
34 sorbetdeluge
35 sleetspoot'n
36 melt-o-blast
37 slipperella
38 boomerangablanca
39 groundberry down
40 meringuerpeaks
41 crème-bouffant
42 peDtaH 'ej chIS qo'
43 deep'nhidden
44 bad for trains
45 shovelcrusted
46 anechoic
47 blown from polar fur
48 vanishing world
49 mistraldespair
50 snow.

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"50 Words for Snow" as written by Kate Bush

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50 Words for Snow song meanings
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    My InterpretationMy best guess is that this song is about snow.
    tobbAon December 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis I found on LastFm:

    "Speaking to American radio station KCRW, Bush said that the idea for this song came from thinking about the myth that the Inuit Eskimos have 50 words for snow. She then decided to make up increasingly fantastical words herself, and recruited actor and writer Stephen Fry to recite the 50 synonyms."
    buppleson October 05, 2013   Link
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    General CommentCan't work out if I love or hate this.
    chrisrazoron November 19, 2011   Link
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    General Comment50 Words for Snow is about how fleeting existence is and how the most beautiful things are the those that are lost so quickly, and lost over and over again, in different incarnations, and the tighter you try to hold on, the quicker they are lost again.
    HamishMcGeachon January 01, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI think 50 words for snow is about getting older.
    She's in her early 50's maybe she wrote this song when she hit 50.
    aaronxpon January 20, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThere's something oddly ambiguous and metaphysical about this song.
    Like there's so many different words and perceptions for snow that the entire idea of language and words is questioned in a way
    It's a song of anticipation with its slow build with consistent background percussion and after going through 49 other variations then the sudden pause before saying the final 50th word "Snow"...that word seems like just another variable.
    What is snow to us? What are WORDS? What is PERCEPTION?
    indexcardon November 04, 2012   Link
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    General CommentAnother meaning of "snow" is the interference you get on a TV set, when the whole screen turns white and blurry. (As a kid, we used to look at snow on the TV, because if you stare long enough you start to see things ...)

    Anyway, I mention this because in 2005 Kate released "Aerial," which also refers to the device you use to get reception on a TV. Her next album, "Director's Cut," showed scissors cutting film in the artwork.

    Aerial - Cut - Snow. An inside joke? Maybe Kate watches a lot of TV?
    bingoboyon December 01, 2013   Link
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    General CommentForgive the baseness of this comment, but it sounds like it would be a great love-making song ;)
    Spindrift300on January 05, 2015   Link

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