"Baby I Got The Death Rattle" as written by and Thomas Edward Bromley Gareth David Paisey....
We burnt all the skin
From the palm of my hands
With an old zippo lighter
And deodorant can
I went to the palmist
And asked her to read
No heart line,
No sun line
No life line,
No need.
Said all that I wanted was a quiet life
Not one predetermined by minuscule slices
Into my flesh and the broad she agreed
One look in my sad eyes
She had to concede

"Baby... the girdle of venus got me
Got me down on my knees.
And baby... baby I got the death rattle and
You're six months old s-shakin' me."

Traced my right index finger
'long the roof of every car
On the walk back to your house
In the cold from City Arms
In the frost I drew a dick
For every girl that wouldn't fuck me
Woke early the next morning to see
The frost had bitten me

My blisters black and touch cold
Like a cute stuffed toy bear's nose
The kind of gift I'd give you
Like a less committed Van Gogh

And you, you are an angel
That's why you pray
And I am an ass
And that's why I bray

Your halo slipped to frame you
Like a photo, a porthole window
I see blood spill in the pure snow
You see sweet sauce on ice-cream cones

And you, you are an angel
That's why you pray
And I am an ass
And that's why I bray
If you were tomorrow
I'd be today
And this is the end

(I'm serious, so listen)

Baby I got the death rattle
And baby I got it bad
I've been digging my grave
For quite some time
When I'm not digging up the past
And I chewed my only necktie
From the metal frame of my bed
Where I tied your wrists together
Spent all night givin'
(Oh, you get the message)

Not headstone
But headboard
Is where I want to be mourned

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"Baby I Got the Death Rattle" as written by Thomas Edward Bromley Gareth David Paisey

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    My OpinionThis is probably my favourite song from Hello Sadness. I've been with Los Campesinos! since Sticking Fingers Into Sockets, and it's been great watching them mature from a nauseatingly twee-pop band to stuff like this.
    Skribblahon November 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentCarrying on with the palmistry imagery, the "girdle of venus" is actually a line on the palm that is a curved line from around the bottom of the middle finger to the fourth finger (next to the pinkie). Apparently it appears on the hands of individuals who tend to be ultra-sensitive. Symbolically it can indicate a need for shielding or creating emotional boundaries. Which i think is quite fitting to the song.

    Any thoughts?
    JulietteMon April 21, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI think it's
    "No headstone
    Your headboard
    Is where I want to be mourned"
    Trunks378on November 10, 2011   Link
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    General CommentAnybody know what he's saying in the very beginning where you can hear the "headstone" part? He mumbles something.
    IMABEARon May 08, 2012   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is about gareth sucking off strangers.

    "Baby I got the death rattle" - Gareth is describing the sound of him choking as the semen accumulates in his throat. ("A death rattle is a medical term that describes the sound produced by someone who is near death when saliva accumulates in the throat",)

    "the girdle of venus got me got me down on my knees."
    His "fate" (the whole palm-reading thing, girdle of venus) is to get "down on his knees" (and suck off other men)

    And of course;
    "And I chewed my only necktie, From the metal frame of my bed, Where I tied your wrists together, Spent all night givin', oh, you get the message"

    So he's obviously been tying Men to his bed and spent all night giving them head
    kens45on November 19, 2011   Link

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