At the bottom of the deep, deep earth
Of the edge of the paradise of façades
My fate is to sing and compose
Songs of prayer all alone―

From the past when I lost my place to go
I connect to the voices that keep circulating
And repeat them, in the abyss of history
I sacrifice my body to fate

Without knowing anything
I lived
Only weaving songs
A sunny song
A rainy song
A tender requiem

I can’t even reach the warm hand
From ahead of the road that leads
To paradise

You may keep singing for eternity

At the bottom of the distortion of the perishing world
My ―fate― is to play songs of prayer
In a tender voice
That sleeps in the forgotten past
I’ll even turn despair into a smile
And sink to the bottom of my tears

At the edge of the paradise of despair
I’m seeking the voice I lost
And my fate is to simply wander far
On the pathless path―

In the shadows of the closed history
While I think of the stolen days
Your voice echoing deep in my heart
Sounds like it’s writhing in agony

Without my wish reaching
The paradise that continues for eternity
It simply distorts and vanishes
Just circulating with your voice

Now by my hands, I want to ascertain
The sound of your warmth
Without even minding getting hurt

I fight…
I sing…

Stealing the soul of the ragged voice
Composing and sleeping until the end of this world
If I can’t reach you
Even if I dissolve this light
Then I can only make the fake paradise
End by my hands

I pray
To protect you
For a world where smiles spill
And light shines…
The song of the hope of light
Connects to tomorrow
Giving you life
Putting the voice that breathes
On a new wind
Until my life is gone…

I fight
To destroy it
You cried
All alone…
The song of the despair of shadows
Buries the past
Stealing your life
Washing the voice of the end away
In the unstopping rain
Until my life is gone…

We’ll meet again…

All voices encounter the light
And connect to the shadows
Turning into history that repeats itself…
The sound of the pulse of the circulating world
Announces the end
It turns into a bell and resonates
All lives cease
And upon the paradise of light and shadows
Ahead of where a new sprout breathes
I wish…

Lyrics submitted by Lichery

Synchronicity 2 ~Paradise of Light and Shadow (En) song meanings
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