“Girl put your pistol down,
Take a look around and have a think“
But Lua already had too much to deal with,
So she decided to end all of it.

She shot once, shot twice,
But made sure she saved the last one for her head.
And that was the end to Lua’s sad story,
But I guess I’ll have to tell you bit by bit.

Word of advice, don’t expect much,
Cause if you’re looking for some kind of thrill,
This ain’t it.
It all starts as it should,
You get born and you’re out of luck,
When you ain’t got a dime and a mama that just won’t care

And who the fuck is daddy anyway?
Mama screwed so many it’s hard to say
Well I guess if it didn’t matter then,
It just won’t matter now.

So the doctor asks “what’s her name?”
Mama jokes saying her name is “Karma”
And as they both laugh,
That poor baby was bound to cry.

Just about then a fool moon rose up,
And reflected in the baby eyes,
They all got shocked as her pupils,
Went  from black to white.
Black to white...
Many years passed by,
She kept more range inside.
You see, there ain’t a good thing to talk about,
Cause that girl was just fighting to survive.

Mama story is all the same,
Always with new boyfriends.
Some that like play around,
In a way that made poor Lua cry.

“Mama he keeps hurting me”
“Well suck it up, cause I love him”
“But Ma he keeps hurting me”
So run Lua run, baby
As fast as you can, baby
That lady in a red dress
Got her ride so fast,
Of she goes.
A different town, the same routine
Lua’s fighting just to be alive,
Only the priest was a decent man,
At least she thought until he reached her thighs.

That was then she finally realized,
She could let the boys have a ride,
Only this time she’d get payed for it,
It’s ain’t decent but its money to survive.

Well its money to survive,
It ain’t decent but its money, money
Well its money to survive.

Only that kept more rage inside,
Why couldn’t she be happy, happy
Just happy to survive?

So more five years went by,
And it looked like Lua’s luck finally shined

There was a clear sky when he arrived,
A new man in town caught Lua eyes.
Little did she know they were soon to be married

Love finally knocked on Lua’s door,
And her fiancé wanted to make sure,
Lua’s Mama would bless those marrying  hearts.
A stormy day came by
Lua felt less alive,
As she stepped in that old porch.
Mama answered them with just a sigh

“Well I guess you found him”
“Ma, what you talking about?”
Ma pointed to her fiancés face
“That’s where you got your Daddys eyes”

Don’t run Lua, don’t run baby
They don’t deserve to live baby
Smoke Ma’s gun and settle this baby
Don’t run Lua, don’t
Don’t run Lua, don’t!

“Girl put your pistol down,
Take a look around and have a think“
But Lua already had too much to deal with,
So she decided to end all of it.

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