Ooh baby, you're making me sweat
You're driving me crazy
I just can't stay away from you
It's like you're wearing big slabs of bacon or something
Oh God, I want you so badly
I don't know what's wrong with me
I can't control myself
Your red lips look like' like rabbit's blood
It's turning me on
You smell like a' like a dead rat
Oh you know what a man wants

Maybe it's loneliness
Maybe low self esteem
Maybe insecurity
Maybe false hopes and dreams
Maybe it's all you see
Maybe celebrities
Maybe its magazines
(Maybe it's Maybelline)

Welcome to 2010
Read the fucking label, there's better options
You want to look good, well that's great
Does hate define your taste?
Burn your skin and seal your eyes
Make you feel how rodents die
Fuck your wants and fuck your needs
You careless, superficial queen

She's so beautiful, she's so fine
The way her lips shine make rabbits blind
Eye shadow in the darkest tone
Makes lust and love from shrieks and moans

Here come colognes and creams
Fantasies and wet dreams
Here comes Herbal Essences

Orgasms, soapy finger sex
Here comes Eva and Beyonce
Advertising whores, they'll do anything
Here comes Jack and Kate Lost with Ben Affleck
Here comes the science (rabbit'screams)
Ulcerated bleeding eyes
Tube-fed toxins, half should die
Irritated, itchy flesh
Paralysis and convulsions
Place their heads into restraints
Snap their necks to avoid the pain
No relief, forced open eyelids

You don't care about anything except yourself
Buy anything packaged by L'Oreal
No concern at all about behind the scenes
A one track mind just me, me, ME
Before Botox goes in your face
Try first on rats, make sure it's safe
But torture has its side effects
Makes you a freaky, frown-less, fucking mess

He smells so musky, isn't she lucky?
Sets wild fire through a mouse's insides
The scent of aftershave turns women into slaves
Enough to make any animal die sexually

Hey how we feeling tonight?
How about you there, sexy young lady?
A girl like that makes me feel like the moon and a
Piece of pie in a freakin' eyeball in the sky
You fellas know what I'm talking about
Here's a little ditty for you honeymooners out there

She's got the fake, perky tits, luscious collagen lips
She needs a man with white teeth and a ten inch dick
Don't ask me how they got to be this way
I don't want to spoil your dinner, folks
Take it away!

Nowhere near perfect but I have a good heart
My nose is big, my head is balding, teeth are spaced apart
Sometimes there's bags under my eyes, sometimes my face breaks out
But it's never an excuse to bring another species down

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