Suck my dick x100 ;)

Cute bitches on sight son
Who you tryna fight son?
I'm going 90 struck down with my Tomy gun, my glock
You'll be sucking on this cock, a lot
Rolling hot, rolling deep, rolling RPG's in my SUV
Bitches gettin' on they knees
Be awake, *not sure...*
Cause I got more game than Milton Bradley
Play more hoes than XBOX 360
But, you think you know me?
Go back to weezy.
Make it rain? I'll bring the tsunami.
Bitches getting so wet, I slip and they drown me.
So don't take it too personal homie
Got my nuts on the ass, that dick in the pussy
Just what it sound like, I ain't being shady
So check that shit out on the interweb, ladies
Pissin out babies, ladies go crazy
I'm pissin out razorblades daily, R. Kelly
I'm pissin on faces, I think he maybe got the rizzie or dizzie
The missy gettin pissed off, she pissy
I'm wise and I'm witty, I'm fly like a birdie
Flyin through nerdy ass chicks gettin' dirty
I'm flirty, assertive, I poke and they squirt me.
If the bitch is classy, impress me.
Suck my dick.
I said suck my dick, you fucking bitch.
I'm raw like a deli, squirt her with my jelly
I lick a bitch clean and call the other on the tele.
Oh wait your name is Kate? I thought your name was Kelly.
Sorry let me get a towel, and get that off your belly.
What'd you think I'm selling?
I was only telling a buddy he could buy a BJ or a helping.
With your pussy hole, playing whack-a-mole.
On a dick she stole off a nigga with a scroll
Baby silicone, I'ma feel my hoe
And ya probably feel a little like a bowling ball
I'll take the hallway, to a place where I can work and stay
I'ma call your mom, and I'ma jerk my dick and she don't mind at all
Cause your dad's bein' gay
You're fucking on me?
I'm fucking on you.
And if you're rubbin on my dick...
I'ma make you eat it too.
(Suck my dick)
I'll be sippin on jager
You'll be rollin my stones in your palm, make jager
and any fucking hater
and if you a fucking hater
(suck my dick)
and I ain't gonna hate her
I'm just gonna make her
(suck my dick)
You fucking bitch.

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