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Once upon a time in vitro solitude
Stepping out behind the white room allies
Wincing from the sun now forcing open eyes
Waiting now becomes a solicitude

Polaroid picture
Amber promise
Wrap up rhyme
Throw the curve
Wonder exactly
Who you'll find
When you lose your mind

When you gonna come down here and blow my mind?

Choice of lies
Darker aspect
Lost in time
Under curfew
Repressive ties
Wonder exactly who you'll find
When you lose your mind

When you gonna come down here and blow my mind?

Blow my mind my mind

Sews the seeds denied
Marked to track the time
Hack no laughing rhymes
Laugh and cry
Wise to take some time
Look around this pile
Wake up from your eyes
Laugh and cry
Seize the hard reply
Life that's flying by
Open up your sight
Crash and die
Look around inside
Sews the seeds denied
Crash and die crash and die

When you gonna come down here and blow my mind?

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    General Comment*Perhaps it's wrong to color a person's perception about lyrics like this and it robs them of the experience of understanding what it's about. On the other hand, judging from the number of posts for DIMD and the nature of the subject matter, someone might as well do it.*

    *I think the meaning behind unDeveloped lies between the external ideas and the individual thinking them.*

    Stimulant psychosis? But also socialization. Puts forth the image of a newborn being socialized to this world, but also someone who is coming out of a psych ward, for what I believe would be stimulant psychosis.

    Then again, you get the feeling that these are sort of metaphors for a person who is beginning to see the world as it really is. Like they're coming down from the socialization and lies that one may be exposed to from the very beginning.

    So a person who re-dosed too many times or whatever is experiencing psychosis. They get thrown in a padded room and now the drugs are wearing off and the temporary psychosis is fading as they walk out of the hospital and see the sun.

    One could view that padded room as the false reality that people perceive on a daily basis. Essentially sane in an insane society type of deal. White room allies? People who you think are looking out for you but really they aren't? Or just false notions of the world.

    I'm not quite sure why "waiting" would become a concern or "solicitude" now that such a change has taken place though and why it wouldn't have been before. Perhaps once you perceive the truth about the world you would become more concerned about change occurring because you better understand the situation? And so you're concerned about waiting for some sort of positive change to take place or other people to "wake up" for that matter.

    And the world and our species are like an undeveloped polaroid picture. But mainly humanity, psychologically undeveloped.

    Few lyrics I'm not sure on. Amber synonymous with yellow...cowardly promise? Wrap up rhyme? Artificial. Throw the curve?

    My best guess is that it might vaguely describe diversions in our society that discourage people from any sort of truth allowing them to view the world from a more developed perspective? Not sure though.

    I guess "loosing your mind" could be becoming the insane person in an insane society (making you sane overall) type of thing. And it's asking when the listener is going to join the person who has seen a deeper layer of reality. It's inviting the listener to come join in.

    The part beginning with "undecided" I think may describe the person who hasn't lost their mind yet, so to speak. They're undecided, their choices all lies maybe. They aren't sure the world is as bad is maybe some would paint it to be? And their choice lies in something.

    The darker aspects of reality they've hidden because they're too painful? Or something...but they've been lost in time. Or an analogy of kids who may have been angry at the world at a young age but they lost that edge in time. Now they're under curfew, repressive ties. The word "curfew" makes one think of rebellious teenagers. And once again, asking when this individual is going to get rid of all the falsity and lose their mind. Maybe they'll find a previous version of their self. But yea, it makes you think of like teenage goth kids who had a certain attitude toward the world but are now marginalized "regular" members of society, if you will. Young people who lost their darker aspects in time.

    But also it could refer to the author himself, though I think it's less likely.

    And so the seeds to see the truth of a deeper reality had been sewn but they were denied. But was it this author who planted these seeds? And maybe some people understand music best as being a marker for certain times in their life. Not so much paying attention to the lyrics or the message but just as a sing along to mark an era of their life.

    Not sure about the "Hack no laughing rhymes." But I like to think of it as jokingly calling himself a hack for maybe being too serious in the past or something along those lines. But I'm really not too sure and it's kind of hard to even know if that's the correct lyric.

    But like maybe his message was marginalized a bit because he was looked at as some goth hack? And because the music was viewed as being so dark and gloomy people saw it as just some depressed person being overly angsty or just another shocking performer trying to make a buck. At least these people who didn't get the message viewed it like that. That's the surface view.

    Just imagine the people who listened to Skinny Puppy, etc in the early days and now are all grown up with kids or something and they like sell cars for a living or something to that effect. And all the messages from those earlier days seem to have evaporated under the idea that it was just like a phase, or a certain time period they went through. And they haven't listened to the music in years, or if they have it's to remind them of what they were going through during that era of their life.

    But the messages from that music didn't take, they didn't register with the person enough for them to be inspired to do something with those feelings (something positive of course).

    Anyways, then the advice to take some time to look around this "pile" as in our world.

    And in doing so, perhaps wake up from the dream created by your eyes. As in the visible reality is some sort of shade or false construct. Seize the existence that is rapidly drying up before you and maybe become less passive.

    Open up your insides and look around, or I guess advice to be more introspective. And continuing to implore the listener to "crash" in other words come off the "drug" of a less accurate reality and crash like someone whose been re-dosing for days on end with no sleep, food, etc. Essentially, more encouragement for the listener to wake up from this dream.

    There may also be a part of this track that examines the fact that people are deathly afraid of experiencing this more accurate version of reality because it may be very scary to them and very frightening. And so you get the lyric "laugh and cry." Maybe suggesting that it's acceptable to feel these emotions or something along those lines.

    Another thing is that this track may be self-referential. The parts that I mention as referencing other people could be just referencing the author.

    You can definitely view it as being a person talking to the past version of their self (or even a current or recent version) in the same way I thought of it as talking to another person. Instead of asking another person to "wake up" he's asking himself to change thinking patterns and maybe even criticizing past actions or at least seeing the flaws in them or something to that effect.

    It goes to one of the larger themes of unDeveloped, that is being able to accept the way things are while simultaneously kind of feeling how terrible they are and sort of moving past it. Or at least somehow being OK with the mess and being able to "laugh and cry" about it instead of letting it tear you up so violently.

    So you could also reinterpret the "who you'll find, lose your mind" lyric as wondering what kind of person the author will find when they "comedown" from this inability to accept the way things are. And so a change will take place turning him into a new person. And so on and so forth...

    And the author wants these people who are still living in a false world to "crash and die." With crash probably having a similar meaning to what it did in song of the same title. Whereby these people need to kill off the part of their self that is still living in such a mind state.

    There's also the whole groupie idea I think possibly. Like chicks who want to get with the "rock star." The author wondering when people are going to "Comedown" to where he is and blow his mind, as opposed to something else. As "blow his mind" intellectually or creatively.

    The polaroid picture also references the past, like in the early days of Skinny Puppy I guess, not sure when those cameras were used. Amber promise? Again maybe like some cowardly promise from a fan, not sure. Maybe I'm not interpreting the Amber thing right. But anyways the author's rhymes wrap up how these people feel, but it's artificial because they don't really understand it.

    I just imagine like some fan or some radio interviewer offering to "Comedown there and blow his mind." Or some shit like that and though it's fair that they're taking it in a different context and making a joke, it's that type of person I guess.

    And you sometimes hear people say that so and so "threw me a curve ball." The author is perhaps asking people to throw him a curve ball and to be less stagnant, I don't know. Maybe I'm going too far with the sort of fan analogy.
    DrGarlicon August 06, 2011   Link
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    General CommentSeems like quite an awkward track to sing to a captive audience. But I guess they all are on some level.
    DrGarlicon August 06, 2011   Link
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    General CommentYou have to wonder if the conspiracy theory type of attitude that shows its scales throughout unDeveloped is perhaps some construct designed in order to be able to accept the state of the world.

    Like instead of thinking up a God who is the creator of the many benign occurrences in the world, you create a Devil who is responsible for all the problems.

    Because if the world is controlled by the long-reaching omnipresent tentacles of this nefarious construct then working to change things becomes less of a concern.

    Instead, absolutely all you can possibly do is "wake up" to what's going on around you. And until everyone "wakes up" nothing can be done.

    So once again, you retreat into your shell where all you can possibly pay attention to is your own existence because this conspirational power is too great for you to combat alone. Other people need to wake up for change to occur. A process that involves the vague ideas of "expanding your consciousness" or "understanding the truth." That change will occur from this "awakening" alone. Or in the provocation of some large-scale civil unrest that never happens.

    The inaction of such people is interesting considering their views, if they hold them to be absolute truth. You'll see lone wolf type of stuff, but nothing organized that actually moves closer to doing anything positive. Of course we've seen conspiracy theories turn into genocide in the past, but you can't paint them all as being the same in terms of ideas. The more modern ideas typically don't carry any serious combined action it seems.

    No doubt there's evidence for organized conspiracy, but you have to question supposed truths when they carry so much weight. What's wrong with a worldview that doesn't incorporate those sorts of ideas?

    Difficult to justify inaction, cognitive inequities when it comes to understanding why certain events have occurred. That is, the official version that you witness is too hard to take in and it doesn't have the flow of a nice narrative, too jagged, too many things you don't fully understand and the dots are difficult to connect.

    Moreover, there's the idea of having access to sort of hidden knowledge, a separator for you against a massive cross-section of the population (the majority of people) who are in the dark about such issues.

    These heavy belief systems are extremely problematic and, I think, exist because they serve specific intrapersonal functions.

    But do I only suggest this because I can't accept the truth of what's really going on?

    And then somehow, though the faces look different and the words change position, you can't distinguish your discussion with the fundamentalist christian from your discussion with the ardent conspiracy theorist. It's like the same song, just a different verse.

    Belief systems are designed to serve specific intrapersonal functions. If you end up in a situation where a belief system isn't necessary to you, truth becomes less meaningful because you're only concerned with the truths of specific actions you're involved in. But critical thinking and inquisitiveness are really something to be celebrated, but when you take the easy road to pursue those interests and are bombarded with misinformation (often not deliberately), you're going to have a hard time truly getting to the bottom of anything.

    It's a strange world we live in where people who claim to be most connected to the concrete truth of the world are perhaps the same ones who could be hiding from it the most. Even stranger when you've been there.

    But so many problems... No way to solve 'em. Have to run them through your machine, change into something else more comfortable. Or just put your head in the sand.

    No matter what you do though, you won't be able to stare directly into this metaphorical sun for very long. Because if you do, the last meal you consume... will probably taste like gun metal. Or something to that effect.
    DrGarlicon August 15, 2011   Link

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