Drying blood between my teeth
Soul on fire fever speech

? water in the ?
Getting sick and weak and getting off

All these so-called friends that sold me out to meet their ends

You're pathetic ?
I don't want or need your fucking help

Dying as they ?
Drown myself in the kitchen sink

You can't sink 'cause the ? won't quit
Self ? trick painted vomit

Wash the blood out of my dress

Feeling true, feeling dull
Burning road side memorial

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Road Side Memorial song meanings
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    Lyric Correctiondrying blood between my teeth
    skull on fire fever speaks
    hotter water, endless thoughts
    getting sick and weak and getting off

    all these so called friends
    who sell me out to meet their ends
    you're pathetic, judge yourself
    i don't want or need your fucking help

    dying as the summer leaks
    drown myself in the kitchen sink
    i can't sleep, cause the shakes won't quit
    a self portrait painted in vomit

    burn my wrists with cigarettes
    wash the blood out of my dress
    feeling cheap, feeling dull
    burn a road side memorial
    goodbyemiseryon January 25, 2012   Link
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    Song Meaning"At the time I was living in a place that had lots of abandoned buildings around, it was quiet and peaceful and mostly beautiful.

    Then one day some one erected this awful, garish memorial to some teenager who had died in a car wreck near my house and I had to look at this ugly yellow monstrosity every time I came home and it got to be incredibly irritating.

    The song to me was always a response to a large group of people who claimed to have my best interests at heart, without actually knowing what my life was about. A rejection of bad advice I received trying to kick an addiction by people who had never experienced addiction.

    It’s a common theme in life, the bored and the boring want to play director. The original ending lyric was “I’ve earned a road side memorial” which I should of kept. At the end of the rant that is the song I felt tacky and cheap and self abusive, and if I were to die that moment I’d of earned some awful, ugly store bought monument."

    From his official Tumblr
    MaxpowerSupremeon September 21, 2012   Link

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