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Up in his bedroom he has locked the door
the playground conversation was real hardcore.
they arranged a meeting he is right on-time.
Sees the instant message from his friend online.
Belly rushing, cheeks turning pink.
In a blink he would send the the link
The little box asks demand you're 18,
with his click of the mouse passing the testing screen.

He never had a little chat with his dad
It weren't his mum who enlightened this lad
It was 'Indiana Bones and the Temple of Poon'
'Saturday Night Beaver' and the 'Sperminator 2'
'Two Girls and One Cup', 'One Man and One Cup'
Some rag-head slut who's starved for a buck.

Belly rushing, cheeks turning pink.
And in the blink his friends had the link.

Wether you like it or not,
this is our sex education. (x2)


He met her introduced by a mutual mate,
finally she agreed to let him have a date.
He was mutton like lamb
She was lamb like mutton
She was greatful for the staple in her belly button

He was so new that he was confused
So he used her the only way he'd seen how to.
Truth is she was used to this abuse
''It must be love'' she wept tenderley bruised

Now no popup books and no blushing teacher
No parents and no angry preacher
No cartoons and no diagrams
Just fifteen girls and one lucky man.

All and all with the 'moans' and the 'groans'
and the ex's filmed on the mobile phones so,
No giggling and certainly no doodles
Man, that last one looked pretty brutal!


Wether you like it or not,
this is our sex education. (x4)

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