It was nearly end of summer when the police shot him
Stagger Lee reincarnate is what the cops called him
A trembling hand with big ideas which killed his wife and her man
Stagger Lee in the flesh in Southern California

He hit a rock going 90 in the desert
Had a blowout and was forced to pull over
He grabbed the Colt and put the barrel to his head
In the midst of all the sirens from the cop cars
He heard the quiet muffled beats from his wife's heart
The last time she had kissed him when she loved him for real

Now he knows what you shouldn't know
It never starts, it never ends, no
He thinks aloud,
"I've waited my whole damn life
To turn my whole damn life around
If this is it, well they've got a fight
I'm taking every last one of them fuckers down."

Stagger Lee quickly opens up his car door
Sticks his left hand out, waving in surrender
He hides a smile and a death wish with a fully loaded gun
Seven cops with their fingers on the triggers
Sweaty palms, grinding teeth, and foggy aviators
Stagger Lee pulls the hammer back and dives into sun

He hits the ground with a barrel roll
He unloads his clip
Three cops hit the ground
The other four greet Stagger with his death

I'm so thankful
I'm so grateful
You afforded me to be born again
Another chance to make her my lover
I'll make it right this time next life
And since you shot me,
Since you killed me,
I'll haunt you in between
And I'll possess your wife and kids
I'll make it so you can't forget
I'll be coming back for her again, in the flesh

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    Lyric CorrectionThe lyric booklet says

    "It was noon in the summer"
    "A trembling hand with big ideas"
    "The last time she had kissed him when she loved him for real"

    Though I must admit they dont sound like it
    DeffreyJahmeron July 31, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI know, I got the booklet too and was going to change it but whenever I click the edit button it doesn't do anything. Oh well, hope most people got the right lyrics anyway.
    YEAH112on September 29, 2011   Link

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