i promised you i’m never giving up,
never giving up, never giving up,
i won’t give in
but now that my body’s giving up,
my legs are giving out my head is throwing up its hands
it’s asking
can we wait for the summer again?
can we hold out for summer again?
will we ever be whole again?

my old house, my childhood’s tomb
it is a failing light, but it will come back soon
a candle burns in your old room
and before it goes out, i swear i will find you

my little sister, i was two,
the year that you were born and ben came after you
we all three shared gentle youth
our mother combed our hair, our father cleaned our wounds

then a small thing happened, or sunk its tooth
and i was left behind, in different shapes you move
in my peripheral sight i reach out for you
but when i turn my head i’m in an empty room

a faceless clock, the hands unmoved
but for a layer of dust, a cobweb or two
in a broken mirror i see my broken truths
now when i comb my hair, i pull the gray ones loose

my old house, my childhood’s tomb
it is a failing light, but it will come back soon
in the backyard, birds, a dogwood blooms
i will come back home, i will wait for you

i will wait for the summer
i will hold out for summer
i will wait, there’s a promise-land
in every man’s heart. there is a summer

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    General CommentI could be wrong but I think this song was written as a side-by-side with the story "The Lovely Bones." There's definitely a lot of really good comparisons between the song and the story that I noticed and it makes sense to me.
    kmwood11on June 25, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI absolutely love this song.

    To me, this song. like some of their songs, aludes to his childhood and how it was taken away from him because of his lyme disease. "Then a small thing happened, or sunk its tooth."

    And it greatly affected his whole childhood and his outlook on life. So many of his lyrics have such deep, beautiful contemplation on life.

    Here is a quote from an interview about his experience:
    "This is really interesting. This is something that fascinates me, and this is kind of going offtrack, but what happened was the Borrelia bacteria — the agent of Lyme disease — what it does is, it starts to mimic your own cells, and so your body goes after it, but then it’s like a little chameleon, and it can’t tell the difference, so it starts going after itself. It basically went after my organs, went after my kidneys, and those failed completely. I had a transplant when I was sixteen — my father’s kidney — and it’s very messy, but it’s had a profound effect on me. It’s had a very devastating effect on me, but I think there’s something to be salvaged in it."
    BJT611on January 31, 2014   Link

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