I can't help myself
I keep ending up in Memorial Park
Breaking finger nails while I claw at the frozen ground
Because as long as I'm home
I can dig up these bones
There's no point to just letting go
And as long as you've known me I've been backing out slowly
I won't end up underneath the snow

This is where it's been
The manger scene every Christmas
Next to the cannon
Every year someone steals baby Jesus
Nobody stops them
It's a nice tradition

I'll put my life back together in silence
While writing songs on Molly's guitar
And Suburbia, stop pushing
I know what I'm doing

So I moved myself and two boxes of things
To the basement room at Richie's house
And I'm happy here for now
Because I've been in search of some steadier footing
Or just a place to call home
I know that I'm introspective when broken
But I've been spending most of my nights here alone
And that doesn't scare me like it did a year ago

I'll put my life back together in silence
While writing songs on Molly's guitar
And Suburbia, stop pushing
I know what I'm doing
Suburbia, stop pushing
I know what I'm doing
Suburbia, stop pushing
I know what I'm doing

I had dreams of myself
As the Allen Ginsberg of this generation
But without the talent, madness or vision
I guess it's looking hopeless
We're a city left digging out cars in unison
And humming like we've healed
I know we've got miles to go
But I'm putting my shoulder to the wheel

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    General Comment"Suburbia, stop pushing. I know what I'm doing" is one of my favorite melodies on this entire album. It's constantly stuck in my head.
    ohhmelodieson June 16, 2011   Link
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    General CommentHey, ohhmelodies, I know exactly what you mean. The ending instrumental is constantly in my head. As is the intro and end to My Life As Pigeon. The only downside to this song is at the very end...it doesn't resolve...oh well.

    Anyways, this song is typical Wonder Years. "I'll put my life back together in silence" This is just another album Soupy wrote to feel better. "Suburbia, stop pushing. I know what I'm doing." Soupy is saying, "I'm disregarding what my town is saying about me, my friends, my problems and the problems my friends and I face. We know what we're doing."
    joshuadefibaughon June 18, 2011   Link
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    General Comment"If "Came Out Swinging" brought you up to speed on where we've been since The Upsides, "And Now I'm Nothing" lets you know where we are at the conclusion of our first year as a full-time band and our first real opportunity to decide whether or not this place is home for us. I have my own bedroom now after a year of couch surfing. I'm not afraid of the same things I was last year and I decided to stay around here, at least for now. I like a lot about this place. I like that our manger scene at Christmas is in a park between two cannons and I really like that nobody in our town notices the irony."
    mariahashearton August 05, 2011   Link
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    General CommentSo we all know that the album is really a long refrence to Allen ginsberg poem, 'America' and in this it is very clear as me makes many refrences to the poem
    suburbia stop pushing i know what i am doing, is a reference to the exact same line except america instead of suburbia, and he says allan ginsberg and states his maddness and vision, his vision in america is to be angelic place where we all get along and we all do it nicely, not the shit is in now, and it is about how he fianlly wants to get better, Soupy no matter how many times he says it, its a lie when he sings "We're not sad anymore'.
    also the shoulder to the wheel is the last line in america where allen writes, 'america, i'll put my queer shoulder to the wheel'
    mrkillon September 08, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningWhat exactly does shoulder to the wheel mean? Is it referencing suicide? Quitting? I get that it comes from America but that still doesn't clear it up.
    TheWonderYearsfanon October 05, 2012   Link

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