"Blue Skies" as written by and Justin Furstenfeld....
Blue skies
Calling on blue skies
Don't take them away boys
Don't take them away
'Cause I'll never stop lovin' my

I've been to both knees
Raise my hands up to the sky, forgive me

Is something out there far beyond the clouds
I'm asking help me
Help me to see the world
Through baby eyes and hold them closely
I need a fresh start on the roller-coaster made for coasting

It's time to wake up
Time to make up
Time to shake these memories
It's time to leave the past in the past and lace up a new set of shoe strings

I want the world to know
I've got your back
Through up and down see
So we can sit together
Side by side through amazing

Blue skies
Calling on blue skies
Don't take them away boys
Don't take them away
'Cause I'll never stop

So, I've broken every bone
And fought through what felt never ending
I thought my head was made of sadness
But my heart is mending

I scream at sunsets
Give applause to what I can't control
Then somehow laugh at how the moon divides an ocean solar

I wanna be that ocean
I want to shine like that
I want to smile so big my daughter jumps into my lap
And I wanna tell her daddies fine and always plans to be
Then take her in my arms
This is what we'll always see

Blue skies
Calling on blue skies
Never take them away boys
Don't take them away
Cause' I'll never stop lovin' my

And when I'm gone
I won't go screaming in the end
I'll give you everything my life amounts to
So raise this life up with me
And baby let's go dancing
Come on let's go

Blue skies
Calling on blue skies
Don't take them away boys
Don't take them away

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"Blue Skies" as written by Justin S Furstenfeld


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    Song Meaning*DISCLAIMER* I have just obtained a copy of Justin Furstenfeld's book Crazy Making. It's not very detailed, but it contains all the lyrics to all current (The Answers - Approaching Normal) Blue October songs, and his inspiration behind them. As I said, it's not very detailed, but it's his words on every Blue October song that is in the book. I know everyone interprets a song differently from everyone else, but having the original intent behind the song will be helpful to people who don't fully understand a song. Also, any grammatical errors are not made by me, I'm putting down Justin's words exactly how he writes them. So yea... enjoy :)

    Blue Skies: "After the birth of our daughter my life had a different sky when I walked outside. Everday was blue even if a tornado fell down above me... It was beautiful.... 'Daddy is always just fine'. Just know that I love you Blue."
    marquptonon June 04, 2011   Link
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    General CommentYou don't need to read his book to know what this is about. He had a daughter - Blue - and she changed his whole life. He finally found joy that he never knew he could know in her, despite all the pain that he has been through. For her and because of her, daddy's fine and always plans to be.

    Every time I hear this song, I break down and cry.
    Like Justin, I have bipolar. I've done a couple of stints in the mental hospital ... including being taken there by the police (see 'The Flight' from Any Man in America). I've been suicidal and lost in alcohol and drugs.
    And then my daughter was born. And it all changed.
    JEclipseon September 22, 2011   Link

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