"Rapunzel" as written by Paul Gary Ridge, Daniel Hendle Rankine and Larry Siler....
Check it out ah, ya, ya
From the moment we met, I was breathless
And not asbestos breathless either,
Always, when you least expect it,
Stumble across Rapunzel a Libra,
Couldn't leave, I had to meet her,
Greet the girl of my dreams with a kiss on the hand,
What up? Little magnificent missing a man,
Ran away, like kids to a van (Yeah!)
So gorgeous, walking on water,
Sort of like Erin McNaught, but little shorter,
Wore a Pandora, bought her a charm,
Wasn't short of thought ??? bit of Paul on her arm,
Calling for calm, we fought, made Iraq
And the border of Jordan a walk in the park,
Jaws of a shark, too hard to break it off,
Fall apart, so I would say:

Rapunzel, gotta let your hair down,
Girl, gotta let your hair down,
I'm tired of fighting,
We ain't going nowhere now

Gotta let your hair down,
Girl, gotta let your hair down,
Why we trying?
We ain't going nowhere now

And even she could see,
Her love was like a demolition derby,
I was Herbie, the love-bug, swerving,
Cause I work on the road,
She was like Russell the Crow,
A jerk with her phone!
Know that I don't wanna fight ???
Another night, chewing off my ear, like Mike,
Another night ruined, I knew it,
Knew you would do it,
Scream when I'm out, like Hewitt,
You were the one, you were the one that ran away,
Like underlay, underlay,
Then break it off, but come running back,
Like baby, I want you back, but don't call me that,
Now baby, baby,
Baby, don't call me baby-baby,
I said, baby-baby, don't call me baby,


Na, I'm just sick of you saying my friends are above you,
You knew, when you were with me,
But you were lost in watching Sex and the City,
And what did you give me?
Your lips moving, but nothing coming out, like Britney!
And, what, did you lose it?
No, trust: every movement watched, like Truman,
Only human, I ain't a saint, but don't cheat when I'm in the game,
And still you know, you know no, you know you don't know me,
Die from the photos I got, like Dodi,
My own Naomi Campbell, I try to help, she fly off the handle:
No more candles, no more dinner, no more, I'm fat
I could look a little thinner,
Where's my Cinderella, my little Bella?
Hard, but I had to tell her, so I'd say, yeah, so I'd say,
I keep tellin' her, I keep tellin' her:


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"Rapunzel" as written by Paul Ridge Daniel Rankine

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    General CommentCouldn't believe there were no lyrics up for this - got addicted when I heard it getting a fair bit of play on Triple J recently. From the lyrics and the video it's easy to see that this is a song about a relationship that starts out alright where he's charming giving her gifts and sees her as a shorter version of Erin McNaught (Miss Universe) but the girlfriend, "Rapunzel" and he start to fight (Calling for calm, we fought; made Iraq / and the border of Jordan a walk in the park) but it's "too hard to break it off" and so they stay together despite her getting gradually more and more controlling despite his pleas for her to let her hair down (a nice play on words with Rapunzel). Eventually he realised that she wasn't the "cinderella" he fell in love with and though it was hard, he had to move on... though at the end of the video he's seen chasing an equally aloof lookalike to the original Rapunzel, haha.

    I think it's particularly great to see Aussie hiphop artists using more local references. I actually got all of them in this one, which I'll admit I don't in a lot of US hiphop. Anyway, just to clarify all the references for fans worldwide:
    Erin McNaught: Aussie Supermodel, known for having a great bum
    Pandora: a kind of bracelet really popular here where you can add "charm" beads to a simple silver or gold bracelet.
    Herbie - The Love Bug: awesome vw bug that had a series of movies made about it. Sentient and awesome :) (We don't speak of the Lindsey Lohan abomination) :P
    Russell Crowe: Aussie celeb who got in a spot of bother in an incident where he threw an unplugged and faulty phone from his hotel room at a concierge, over frustration at not being able to call his wife who was in Aus at the time while he filmed in the US.
    Hewitt: Lleyton Hewitt, Australian tennis player known for angry cries when his serves go out.
    "Underlay underlay": a great play on words here with "andale andale" meaning "faster, faster" in Spanish, according to the video "Underlay" is a beer company. I'm not familar with it personally though.
    Britney: everyone knows Britney. Everyone also knows her lip-synching.
    Truman: reference to the Truman Show, where a guy didn't know his life was being made into reality tv, his every movement watched.
    Dodi: Dodi Fayed, the late Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales' lover who died with her in a car crash. It is alleged that the crash was caused by paparazzi trying to chase their car, hence "dying for a photo".
    Naomi Campbell: diva-esque supermodel, well known for "flying off the handle" when upset.

    phoenixintheasheson June 02, 2011   Link

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