"Faith (When I Let You Down)" as written by and Shaun Cooper Mark O'connell....
You might lose your faith in science
You might lose faith in wealth
You might lose your faith in Jesus
Oh oh oh, or lose faith in yourself

Oh when I let you down
Look past your doubt
Just, please, please
Don't lose your faith in me

You could lose your faith in music
Or lose your faith in friends
You could lose your faith in freedom
Feel trapped in your own skin

Oh, but I'll be right there beside you
(I'll be right there beside you)
Oh when the walls are caving in
(I'll swear oh I am not going anywhere)

But, when I let you down look past your doubt
Just please, please don't lose your faith in me
Please don't lose your faith in me

Oh, oh, oh
I'm not going anywhere
Oh, oh, oh
I'm not going anywhere
Oh, oh, oh
I'm not going anywhere

But, when I let you down look past your doubt
Just please, please don't lose your faith in me
Please don't lose your faith in me
I'm not going anywhere

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"Faith (When I Let You Down)" as written by Eddie Reyes Adam Lazzara

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Faith (When I Let You Down) song meanings
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    General CommentAlso thought I'd say, judging by the list of things of things you might lose faith in before you lose faith in him, I'd say it's not written to John and Shawn (why would he say "you can lose your faith in friends" if such was the case). It probably isn't written to the fans about Taking Back Sunday (I thought maybe "don't lose your faith in me [as in Taking Back Sunday]" - but probably not since he says "you can lose your faith in music").

    Almost certainly to his wife and son.

    Which to me, is pretty selfish and brazen. Adam is not the exactly the picture of faithfulness. This song reads like a list of things he's lost faith in at one point or another - almost as if he were being accused of all these things - you lost faith in God. You've lost faith in your friends (at one point). You've lost faith in the band (there have been times you've wondered if you should just hang it all up). And as far as women go, not only was there that thing years ago with Michelle Nolan, the whole reason he's with this chick and has a kid to begin with is cause he cheated on his fiance (the girl from Eisley) during the engagement.

    And instead of writing a song about, "you know what, maybe I don't have a clue what faithfulness is or how to practice in my life - maybe I need to worry about myself and figure out how to be a faithful husband, or a good father..."

    ...he writes a song that questions people's faith in him while he continues to let everyone down.

    No wonder people boo him at shows.
    thehonorstudenton May 07, 2011   Link
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    General CommentDefinitely could be a song dedicated to his wife & song, because Adam has said before that one of his biggest fears is his son growing up not knowing him well because he's always away.

    Also, I think maybe could it be an apology of sorts to john and shaun?
    SeanMurphhon May 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is what gets me about TBS. They write a song like Places to Be a Mom which is, in my opinion, the best song they've written since Where You Want to Be, and the closest thing to a return to original form. They write El Paso, which while it is clearly in the vein of Devil and God and Brand New, I don't mind. An album of songs like El Paso would be, in my opinion, a welcome reinvention of the band.

    Then they write this. It's like when Pete Wentz praised The Get Up Kids for their influence on today's pop punk scene, and Suptic responded by saying that's nice that people feel that way about them, but "the problem is most of [the bands they inspired] aren't very good," and he went on to literally apologize for "the world they've created."

    I feel the same about Taking Back Sunday. Those first few albums inspired so many bands who wanted to sound like that, and most of them aren't really that good. And instead of writing more material like Best Places and El Paso, they write songs that sound more like those bands. Best Places and El Paso sound like Taking Back Sunday, and this song sounds like Taking Back Sunday playing covers of a crappy band that plays crappy Taking Back Sunday covers. Suptic was right when he said "The punk scene we came out of and the punk scene now are completely different. It's like glam rock now."

    It's not that I don't like the band, it's just that it's clear to me, especially after hearing El Paso and Best Places, that TBS is capable of writing an album that is both a step forward for them, and true to their roots as a band.
    thehonorstudenton May 07, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningI definitely think this is a song to Adam's son. I think that adds a bit to an otherwise somewhat shallow song lyrically.
    PurgeTheseDayson May 02, 2011   Link

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