"Real Estates" as written by David Anthony Willis, Shante Franklin, Dominic R. Hunn and Braden Mitchell Watt....
[Verse 1: Curren$y]
And as the game rotate
And my name grows bigger
How many bitches want
Not many bitches won't
I know you think your bitches don't
But I know what she did last summer
Screamed for me when I touched her
Chevy man, though lately had my eyes on the Cutlass
Fitness say fuck it go
Moose tell em cop it
Give it to my brother
Stick your trees I sit under
Trying stay cool
Big city lights hotter than a motherfucker
Tuesday I'm so care
Wednesday it's Cail Cutter
Socks up, stock rising
Keef, catch spitta grinding
Higher than my fitted Rotten
And if I showed you where I lived
You would think I was hiding
Can't call it a neighborhood
I ain't living by nobody
Applying for statehood
Make my footprint in Geography
Spreading my monopoly
Impressing nobody I know got killed in New Orleans today
I got cash put away
And some mo on the way
Yeah oceans in the back
Porsche's in the front
This the life we want nigga
You only live it once
I let my fitted sit high cause I am really on my grind
Yeah I let my fitted sit high cause I am really on my grind

[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]
Players shit, you niggas still cuffing
If I wanted her back nigga I'd be still fucking
And I see niggas try'na rap like us
Watch the video then try and act like us
I know we make this shit look easy
Do a show out in Brooklyn when I just left the easy
With my nigga spit, spitta
Girls try'na get us
Tell her I'll be coming back you best be doin all them sit ups
Don't take me to the airport crying, girl get up
She don't want me to leave when I'm with her
I tell her I'm the nigga that she need not a needy ass nigga
The game don't get any realer
I just want the red outside black stripes like thriller
I'm in Miami bumpin Trilla
I got dope on the low but I'm not a dope dealer
The fans blocking like the Steelers
I let my fitted sit high cause I am really on my grind
Cat Williams flow, bitch this pimpin all the time
You singing ass rap niggas sippin all the time
Fucking up the game nigga's fuckin up my name
You don't want no money just fame
They ask me how I'm doin shit I really can't complain
Sippin champagne
And try'na get everything I want
Yellin ocean's in the back
Porsches in the front
I'm yellin ocean's in the back
Porsches in the front

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