"Doom Over Dead Man" as written by Ted Oscar Lundstroem, Olavi Mikkonen, Johan Soederberg, Karl Andersson and Hans Hegg....
The autumn clouds
Are caving in
And night comes
Crawling black as sin
Lightning strikes
And rain begins
A storm that tares my soul
I toss and twizzle in my bed
My thoughts are
Spinning in my head
Darkness nears
Soon I'll be dead
I'm losing all control

I spent my life
In foolish quest
For gold and riches
I'd contest
And now I'm left
With just regrets
To late to change my ways
My life it seems
Has slipped away
I leave no legacy to praise
Nothing more for me to say
My life has been a waste

When time has come
For me to leave
When judgment's passed
Upon my life
A cold dark grave
Awaits for me
Will my name
Live endlessly?

So I die but won't be mourned
Broken and alone
I wish that I were never born
So I die and won't be missed
No rune stone will be raised
As my body rots away

All friends and
cattle pass away!
And death will come
For every man!
But I know
One thing never dies!
The sentence passed
Upon the dead!
The time has come
For me to leave
And judgment's passed
Upon my life
I will rest in my dark grave
They speak my name
With reverence?

My life has been a waste!

No rune stone will be raised!

So I die, but wont be born!

I wish that I were never born!

I rest here in my shallow grave!

As my body, rots away!

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"Doom Over Dead Man" as written by Olavi Mikkonen Ted Oscar Lundstroem

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    My InterpretationLike the other comment says. This song is about a man who spent his life pursuing material needs instead of cherishing life. Now that he's an old man, he realizes that he won't be remembered as anything important. Rune Stones were raised for people who changed the world, not for people like him. The phrase "All friends and cattle pass away" is taken from the Havamal, an ancient book about Norse spirituality. It basically means that you are remembered after death by what you do in life. You become immortal though doing great things. "Cattle die, kinsmen die, you die the same, but I know one thing that never dies, the fate of the honorable dead." Basically, it's saying that honorable people live on through the ages. Johan may have included this because as society advances, we loose track of meaning in life, we just want money and then we DIE. Leaving no memory.
    dsa2780on January 12, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a man in general who is at the end of his life and then finally realised he did not live his life to the fullest and pretty much wasted it
    kazaakason May 25, 2011   Link

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