I met this girl when I was 21
and what I loved the most, she was um- fun
not the average, promiscuous alcoholic
had a feeling when I met her, didn't know what to call it
and so I speculated, maybe it was love at first sight
got home and just started to write, that first night
must've spent three hours putting my thoughts into words
trying to make a written copy of her
and so eventually, this girl got to me mentally
essentially, I got thinking that we was meant to be, it was destiny
but uh, just in case, couldn't leave it to chance
so I began calculate my advance
foolproof till those critical stages when she'd recede and retract
like Bruce Lee in the midst of attack, taken aback, yo
I thought I loved her, was it all just a game?
but now it's clear she'll never feel the same and that's a shame 'cause-

'cause everyday I faced the same competition
while she was out of commission, we had some bouts of submission
call her position forbidden with that relationship status
she still engaged me in a game to see who's act was baddest
"De Principatabus"- I gladly called her out on the same
gave up on ever loving her and started loving the game
resist the urge to address, resist the urge to accost
inflict words, conflict hers or else the battle is lost
my strategy was enacted, impacted her to retreat
a taste of victory until I saw her sulk in defeat
it hurt me- and even after I had discovered
the only reason for her pain was from the game of another
her true colors, always playing by her own set of rules
maintain a lover, keep your cover, play the others for fools
I was a pawn in this garbage she started, never to finish
I took a walk and took the loss, my only option to win it

primary directive, primary directive (4x)

you can't say that I didn't try
turning the "you and me" into "us" before you hung me to dry, I
pull the shades while I wince a goodbye
'cause every time the sun sets, it's like it's ripped from the sky
now we'll never have our formal farewell
electronic correspondence till our egos swell
go well up all the facts, the brass tacks are meticulous
I practiced at compassion while you chose to act ambiguous
and we wasted a lot of time using the effort essential
to building bonds we've proven inconsequential
instrumental to the downfall was my personality
from previous relationship trials taken too casually
and actually, emotionally, I went beyond
while you were really leading me on
or maybe it was all just a case of wrong mind, wrong face
but it doesn't change the fact that I'm gone

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I Used to LoveGame/Second Sunset song meanings
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