"Frak The Gods" as written by and Jake Bowen Alexander Bois....
Lives erased
Their memories will never surface again
Now our plan for domination is at hand
Harvest the flesh, enslave the planet they call home
For one thousand (fucking) years
This is the age of a new direction
No one stands in the way of our reign over this sector
That has been newly claimed

I'll evade the sun if life is given to those i the shadows
Now I must erase the sight of the living and seperate from the eyes

Swallow the ink down, might as well
We're all destined to fall off the pages we've written
Call it fate or whatever the brain will label it as
We we return to the planet
Reason with the body
The death isn't what it seems
We are the ones to be extinct
Only forgiveness can end this

"Death it seems" so imminent
There is nothing that can be done here
"Suppressing" the impending destruction of our race as we know

Eyes from around, they gather in disbelief
Of the air we breathe and the little we know of it
This is a time of evaluation
Collecting the minds of a conscious infinity
Accepting the concequence of the ignorance changes how you perceive

Within this a truth and a reason met with distaste
Falling from the heavens above we've been dethroned
Our lives must replay in hope of ascending peacefuly
Let the violence bring us home and take us away from what we know

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"Frak the Gods" as written by Jake Bowen Alexander Bois


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    My InterpretationI think this is partly about religion and the way it dominates our society once it's present.

    "Reason with the body that death isn't what it seems" - religion forcing the idea that death is not the end?

    "Only forgiveness can end this" - Christian notion of a "forgiving" god (if God forgives you, all your problems are solved)

    "Our lives must replay in the hope of ascending peacefully" - buddist idea of reincarnation and nirvana?

    Also it seems to be about a race or species becoming extinct (numerous references to death) or possibly an alien invasion?
    PreludeTMadnesson April 21, 2011   Link
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    General Commentit seems to me that it's written in an anti-religious matter, by view of the gods themselves. very cool song, i love the last few lines, what a sick hook, gets me every time.
    insignificanceon November 14, 2011   Link
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    My Interpretation"Our lives must replay in the hope of ascending peacefully"
    "Let the violence bring us home"

    I think these lines may mean you have to keep replaying life until you get it right. Once you live right you will ascend to 'heaven'. I think the next line means something along the same lines. That a life of violence and sin will make you replay life and not ascend, therfore bringing you home.

    I dunno, just a thought...
    brdywsson June 21, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this is a story about man's discovery of modern day science and people questioning God's existence. "- enslave the planet they call home/ For one thousand fucking years/ This is the age of a new direction."

    "Eyes from around, they gather in disbelief/ Of the air we breathe and the little we know of it/ This is a time of evaluation." I think line is about the ignorance of people before modern day science and Periphery uses the existence of air as a medium through which to express that.

    I also think that some of the lines in this song are written from the point of view of the Gods, for example "Lives erased, their memories will never surface again/ Now our plan for domination is at hand." This is an absolutely fantastic piece of writing for me and it becomes even better when the gods are revisited towards the end of the song, "Falling from the heavans above we've been, we've been dethroned."

    Obviously all of this is just my own interpretation of the song and I am in no way saying that this is definitely what the song was written about, however I'd like to think that my own interpretation is pretty close to what Spencer intended it to mean.
    Bigboiiiiiiiion January 30, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningThis has to be about the Battlestar Galactica remake...
    They use 'frak' as their main cuss word and talk about the 'gods' (the humans have polytheistic beliefs).
    The human race is almost made extinct in the pilot episode (miniseries) and humans are 'dethroned' from their home planets and pursued violently because of their abuse of the cylons...
    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this already! ;)
    Zargothon March 06, 2014   Link

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